Give me your best amp pair up with VSA DB99's


I am buying a pair of Von Schweikert DB99's and need to pair them up with a great amp. What amp do you feel will work best for these speakers? Looking for Musical/highly emotional listening with nice sound stage (deep/wide) and detail.

How about one of the VAC Phi 30/30 amps or the VAC Phi 110/110 for sale on Audiogon right now? My VAC Phi 220s are as musical and emotionally involving as they come.
Any quality 300B amp. I am sold on the emotion of the 300b tube. Best of the lot Manley NeoClassic or KR Enterprise....
As I am a dealer for Von Schweikert and I have a huge supply of amplifiers, I have heard them with the darTZeel NHB-108, Tenor OTL, Tenor Hybrid, Audio Aero Capitole and LAMM ML2. My favorite was easily the darTZeel, but all were outstanding.

I would speculate that Frank (Fsarc) has made a good suggestion as well with the VAC Phi 30/30. I have heard the amplifier, as I am a VAC dealer, but not with the DB99.

Have you ever heard them with Consonance 211 mono's? How was the sound?

Thanks for your ideas. I am looking for used. If anyone else has thoughts through them in.
check with Alber Von Schweiket

He owns and uses the Consonance 211's with his DB-99's
Hey, thanks questforsound-

How do you know this? Is this his personal amp or does he just own several at the shop, one of which is the Consonance?

Regardless thanks for the info, I have been strongly considering a pair of these.
Happen to own a ML383 integrated amp. I am looking for a more efficient speaker to drive, as well as improve the bottom end. Any thoughts about pairing this with the DB99?