Ginko Cloud 11 vs Solidsteel 5.5

My VPI Scout with Lyra Dorian stand on top of my Solidsteel 5.5 audio rack. Would a sub-plinth like the Ginko Cloud bring any improvement?

Then something else I just though about, the Lyra Dorian is rather light and I know VPI sells head shell weights. Could a head shell weight help with a JMW-9 arm and a lyra Dorian?
See the following link for your second question:
The Gingko Cloud 11 was a definite upgrade for my VPI Aries 2. I added the Cloud to my existing equipment rack (the extremely solid Bright Star Audio "Rack of Gibraltar"), and the improvement in noise floor and detail was immediately evident. It is an especially helpful accessory at high volume levels.

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I have the VPI Aries 2 scout and purchased the Ginko cloud 10 and I have been disappointed with the fit of the isolation deck with my table. Maybe in my Newbe state, I have purchased the wrong version????

I purchased on recommendation but may have been misled. Anyone have knowledge?
Markus1299: Have you contacted Gingko? Vinh Vu --- the designer --- should be able to help out with your situation. He makes these products in a variety of sizes to fit VPI tables.