Gingko vs 4" Maple Platform

Okay, what works better under a VPI Aries 3; a Gingko or MapleShade 4" maple block?

How much does a 4" maple block cost? I must disclose that I know the owner of Ginko so I am biased in his direction. If you check it out you can see that using a true and meaningful measurment a precise and sensitive accelerometer shows how well his platform dampens vibration. I have not seen data on maple of any thickness but have been told that it reflects vibration and does not absorb it. Take my statements for what they are worth. Under actual playing conditions I have never heard them compared.
I have compared both - the Gingko is awesome under the VPI tables, an easily noticeable upgrade from the maple block!
Go for it!

Can you tell me what you liked about the Gingko over the maple block?
A Gingko is about $600, a nice 4" maple block from MapleShade is $400.
2 maple boards and Machina Dynamica Promethean Springs sets the stage, then use Herbies isocup/balls for a killer platform
Has anyone compared a Gingko to a SRA (Silent Running Audio)VR3? I think the VR3 would also be about $600. I have them under my preamp and amp. They are a huge improvement over Maple.
Not so easily answered, depends on your tt support. I recently tried the Gingko on my DIY 3" thick maple wall shelf, much prefer the Bright Star Big Rock under my Scoutmaster.
I suspect my results are due to maximizing draining of internally generated vibrations. The VPI's are a mass loaded design, ie. internal vibrations are drained into the plinth, then into the vpi spikes. In my setup the spikes drain into the sand box, from there into the maple shelf, then into the shelf support, finally into the wall studs.

I suspect that with the Gingko you are somewhat shortcircuiting that drainage with the rubber balls, which to some extent resonate internally generated vibrations back into the table. In essence, you are adding suspension to a design that is not meant to have suspension.

Now, on the other hand, some claim the Gingko to work fine. My take is their tt support is not as well isolated to begin with, the Gingko design does eliminate EXTERNAL vibrations very well, this is why they may hear an improvement.
As usual YMMV, and if someone has information to disprove my theory I'm anxious to hear it.
Agree with Tweak1 that the Promethean platform is excellent with a suspensionless TT. Sns, even more so if you elevate your sandbox on springs. DIY for $35 with five McMaster-Carr P/N 96485K125.
Maple under my TT was a big improvement for the money, a mere $80 Boos maple cutting board from Williams-Sonoma.