Gingko or Symposium Ultra Platform??

Which of these 2 platforms work better under a turntable?I would like to hear from user's who have tried both if possible.
Hiendmuse - I did buy the Eden sound terra stone cones for my SSC about 1 month ago.Big improvement as already mentioned.
I will take your suggestion for the ultra and couplers. Thanks for all responses.
Sutetat - The terra stone cones are quite a step up from the standard bear paws, both performance and cost wise. They come with a brass acceptor unit that the cone fits into , so the ultra wouldn't get scratched.
The terra stone cones have a built in levelling device as well which will have your table perfectly level.
Dan doesn't have pictures of the terra cones on his site. The design has changed. If , you email me , I can send pictures.
Interesting question. I have a Gingko under my TT now, but have been considering Symposium. Have not noticed any "shaking" of the tonearm, but I also would be very interested in hearing from other people who have compared the two.
I made a poor man's Ginko (sort of) using a maple butcher block and about a dozen squash balls between it and the stand shelf. I think it might work better than a Ginko for a VPI since the squash balls squish down and flatten to an extent. They do not remain hard and round like the racquet balls on the Ginko.

Anyway, it worked like a charm on my VPI clone.
I was asking about brass accepter for Bear Paws mainly because mine came with brass acceptors that have cork on the under side which I think would be a no no for Symposium as it want contacts that can transfer vibration down to Symposim platform rather than damping the vibration like rubber feet or the brass acceptors that came with my Bear Paws.

For gingko, the squash ball thing also will flatten out as well. They are quite specific about number of balls required for the weight of the turntable.