Gingko Isolation platforms

Have any of you tried them? They look incredible, especially for the cost. Do any of you use isolation under your tube gear or TT?
If you want to optimize the Gingko idea then be sure to check out Herbie's Audio Lab website where the replacement "Medicinball" is made available to do even better than the Gingko originals. Also, a wealth of other effective support ideas are on this site.

Meanwhile, the art of isolation has moved on to ever newer options, including one from Machina Dynamica that may well provide the best benefit at an affordable cost. This is what I currently use under my tube and solid state components, as well as beneath the wood platform supporting my turntable.
Quite impressive.

Good isolation enables the potential of a component to emerge at its best, and there are many ideas and controversies regarding how to reduce negative effects of vibrations (great and small) upon components and the listening environment.
I love using $1.25 a pop butyl rubber chemical bottle stoppers, size 10.
I use them all over the place.
For a buck each they cannot be beat on glass shelving. (unless you are an audiophile with buckets of money)
LOL... I don't have buckets of anything, lol. I have used sorbothane pucks in the past on my tube gear and they worked well. Whenever I've tried home made vibration devices, I've lost bass or soundstaging etc.... I think that there is something to them tuning them to specific frequencies. Heck, I work with wood and can easily make a Mapleshade shelf and I may do that still for some other components.

Elizabeth, you don't find that you lose something by using the stoppers? Just curious. Thanks.
I think there is this knee-jerk assumption by audiophiles that components can't sit on their own feet. As you have experienced, adding aftermarket footers can cause you to lose bass or whatever. If the system is muddy, this can be a blessing, but I personally believe that most people who actually listen to music would prefer a system with a bit more "padding" or richness in the lower end. As you are doing, you have to try them and decide if they are genuinely making the listening experience more pleasurable on the whole.
Honestly, I have an old small stand that I can use to put my TT out. That's why I am looking. I never use anything under my SS stuff to be honest. I have a good cabinet with decent wooden shelves that are fine. I need the platform for this small stand as the shelves are very thin particle board I bet. I'll check out that site you referred me to. I liked the technical data I saw on the Gingko and that's why I like it right now, plus they are used at my audio store I am using now. It doesn't get in the way of the bass and since the TT will be close to the speakers, I don't have a choice. I think there are lot's of choices and some look ridiculous and some are simple and probably do a good job.
If you wish to use your existing furniture shelves then take a look at the VibraBlock Damper from Machina Dynamica which can be placed on any shelf or horizontal support surface to provide excellent reduction of vibration even if you don't choose special footer support under each individual component or your turntable.
I use these with great results in more than one system, even to augment the benefits of already installed special footers.
As mentioned above by Chayro, there is the personal preference of each set of ears that must be satisfied.
Overall, you probably will be pleasantly surprised that an item from any one of the vendors mentioned in this thread is going to sound significantly better than what you are accustomed to hearing.
Im sure its good SYMPOSIUM ULTRA is better with better imaging ,better stage,better bass and a more even sound.
I did an extensive comparison more than a year ago of various 'footers' under the tube power supply to my phono stage. The differences were noticeable, and not all for the better. Among the products I compared were:
Herbie's footers (made the sound softer, less dynamic); HRS footers with companion damping plates- not much + or -, frankly, I don't think the component was big enough or heavy enough to benefit from these; Aurios (these brought amazing tightness to the bass but created a harshness in the upper registers that was untenable- i fiddled with additional damping of these, but it was too much trouble for too little benefit); a proprietary roller-block- pretty good, not as 'tight' as the Aurios, but less fatiguing; Vibrapod- cone plus puck- amazing, for the price- the surprise entry for me, given their low cost and the fact that they have been around forever; Stillpoints Ultra SS- what I chose to use- gave me some of the benefits of the Aurios without the downsides. None of these were used on a turntable. I had to go thru the tortures of the damned to isolate that- since it is very high mass and I have a springy floor. Wound up using even more mass for the supporting table, plus massive chunks of sorbothane under the table legs (the supporting table is probably 250 lbs), plus HRS custom platform (which is probably 60 lbs) plus turntable (160 lbs). All my electronics are tube-based, and I'm still using Grand Prix stands that are tricked out with carbon shelves and Apex footers. These were state of the art circa 2006 or so, when I bought them and I keep them 'refreshed' with new sorbothane pads.
Never tried the Gingko.
I agree that you have to experiment- i'm not sure one size fits all for any of this stuff and it can get costly.
Got the Cloud 11 from Gingko. It's what they are using at Audio Connection under all their tables and their set ups are stellar. Those of you who hang out there can vouch for that as John knows how to set stuff up to sound the best. I'm pretty excited as I ended up getting the Basis TT with Micro Benz Glider S too. ...oh and the Heed phono stage.... I'll be very very happy with this set up. The TT's I've heard on the Gingko in his store are top tables and played on Ayre and Vandy 5 and 7 and they sounded awesome. Everything you want in a table was there in spades. It just sounded right with a black background. Just what I want. Very happy.