Gimme the funk.

Simple idea.  Post your favorite.

I'll start.
The best thing about Funk is, they boldly go, where very few can follow.

Two of my favorites.

As always, I will try to post some of the less known, but I must admit that I had not listen to any of this stuff for couple of decades now.

Mandrill, from 1971.

These guys are good, from 90's, is it a true funk?

Liquid Soul
This one will get you funked up:
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Funk = Stink!
Well, it depends, stinking I mean.
My favourite remains Pangaea by Miles Davis. 
Funk = Donld Byrd; Funkadelik; Parliament; Snarky Puppy; Tower of Power; Stanley Clark; Stanley Turrentine; Soul Makossa; Marcus Miller; Billy Cobham; Dr John; Stevie Wonder 
Not = Stink or did you mean Sting?
Not = Sting.
James Brown
I dig much, Strawberry Letter #23 as covered by the Bros. Johnson. (Much as I love Shuggie). 
Remember these guys?

And, of course (Garibaldi is a monster):

Alexatpos, thanks for the tip on Mandrill!  Digging into their catalog on Tidal now!

My dearest flavor of funk is The Meters.  Here's my desert island album:
Cymbop, you are welcome. Glad you like it, maybe you will like some of the more jazzy stuff ? How about this?

Lou Donaldson 'Everything I play is funky'

While most people view Steely Dan as jazz based rock, I've always thought there was some (funk) "in the mix".
Buckethead mixes heavy metal with funk
An oldie from "The Counts."
Yea hear this funky buckethead's blast!
God bless ya Bernie
RIP Bernie.
Down to the Bone has some good funky releases.

I'm groovin' to Supercharged.

this one by Lenny White

Really enjoying this thread so far. Living in New Orleans I have seen the meters a couple times. 

1. Jazz Crusaders love these guys. Jazz funk

2. Galactic Classic New Orleans Jam band funk

3. John Cleary doing a Awesome meters cover and the legendary Maple Leaf.

4. Rebirth Brass Band

5. Herbie Handcock.

6. Must add Maceo Parker

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This track from their album, Therapy.

This track, Mission Creep. Not sure what album.
WOW! Posts are being removed even from here with references and links to performances.
That’s extremely sick AND abnormal.
Why agon is so DUMB?

This is a great discussion, you guys have put up some very good funk videos.

Here one of my favs by The Ohio Players.
George Duke
I wouldn't exactly call it funk but perhaps some will find it interesting.