Gilmour announces new Flexogen Speaker Cables


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Leading US hose manufacturer introduces new line of water-resistant, high-quality speaker cables for the audiophile market.

SOMERSET, PA. -- (May 10, 2010) – Gilmour, an innovative developer and manufacturer of four full lines of American-made lawn and garden products today announced the introduction of a new line of audiophile speaker cables using the Gilmour Flexogen hose casing. The cables bring a new level girth to the audiophile speaker cable market, making a splash as the world’s most water resistant and flexible speaker cable.

“We are very pleased to announce the addition of the Gilmour Flexogen Tsunami speaker cables, available in both standard and bi-wire configurations to the garden loving audiophile community. Gilmour customers have been demanding that Flexogen products carry audio signals after confused audiophiles attempted to connect their 100 ft. Flexogen Platinum hoses to a variety of horn, planar and magnetic-driver speakers,” said Phil McKinney, President and General Manager of Gilmour Lawn and Garden. “We also watched the trend as cable manufacturers established ever-larger dimensions for their cables, but we knew they could never match our manufacturing capabilities. Mr. McKinney added, “With our Flexogen Tsunami throughput performance exceeding the critical 18 gallon per second mark, and made with water-resistant 7-nines silver, Gilmour hose will never sound “dry” or “brittle”.

Gilmour anticipates launching new and innovative hose products and integrated solutions later this year and into 2011 in conjunction with the deployment of our second-generation 10-ply plastic extrusion factory, and Ohno-crystal manufacturing facility.”

The American-made range will be distributed through select Orchard Supply, Costco, and Magnolia Hi-Fi locations.

About Gilmour
Gilmour is an innovative developer and manufacturer of four full lines of American-made lawn and garden products. Focused on the gardener’s needs, the company creates tools that are efficient, effective, comfortable and easy to use.

The company has more than 300 years combined history in the lawn and garden industry. Each original business brought under the company’s leadership is known for quality and innovation in its product category. They were brought together in a series of acquisitions by Vermont American Corporation in the 1980s. Gilmour is now part of Robert Bosch Tool Company.

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You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this announcement.

I have a set of speakers by the pool and no matter what speaker cable I use the squirrels get into it and ruin it.

The squirrels also chewed up my garden hose but after leaving the spray nozzle attached (turned off) and the water open full force at the faucet, that first bite really sends them spinning from the H2O blast.

Now that all the yard critters are trained, you are poised to take over the market with this revolutionary product, never mind my friends will say I got hosed.

If I can make one suggestion. I know audiophiles and once they whet (or wet) their appetite they will want more.

I suggest you look into purchasing this company right away:

This will have you poised for the next really big hose for speaker cables and your interaction with city fire departments is a natural for you sell your parent companies Bosh Tools.
Very nice! Thank you! I needed a laugh today.