Gilmour and Waters Together Again

Gilmour and Waters played together again for a worthy cause.
On Rogers website he claims that for doing this David agreed to perform at one show on Rogers upcoming tour. I wonder what city will be the lucky one. As of now this has not been determined. I will be attending the second of the three Toronto shows that kick off the tour. My fingers are crossed.
That says a lot about David sadly!
You do these events because your spirit moves you to , NOT IN EXCHANGE FOR COMMERICAL GIGS!
I think maybe you misunderstood. At some point recently it came to David Gilmours attention that he and Roger Waters both support the same charity (the Hoping Foundation) Apparently this occurred without either one of them knowing that the other was also involved in the charity. Once Gilmour found out that Roger also supported the Hoping Foundation, David saw this as an opportunity to mend some fences, and help the cause. With a scheduled performance upcoming in support of the charity, Gilmour decided to ask Roger if he would appear at the fundraiser on stage with him. Roger was thrilled at the idea of performing some Pink Floyd classics with David again. Roger however had an issue with one of the non Floyd songs that Gilmour wanted the two of them to perform. Roger felt the song was too far out of his vocal range and didn't want to embarrass himself on stage. Gilmour attempted several times to convince Roger that he should perform this song with him. Finally Roger agreed to do the song upon one condition, that David join him onstage at one of his upcoming tour dates to perform one song. Gilmour agreed and the charity performance with both he and Roger happened. Now Gilmour is committed to performing at one of Rogers upcoming "The Wall" tour dates.
Probably the same old stuff part 358 to be churned out from these two aged 'freedom pass' eligible wrinkly rockers.

Yeah, what a bunch of old talentless coots, eh? :o)

That damn Gilmour can't stroke a note;did you see that sorry excuse for a solo at Live Aid couple years back? He should stow that Strat and just call it quits--what do a couple hundred thousand awe-struck fans know anyway!

. And Waters? you're right, the same old stuff.... no one's interested in hearing that tired old material from Wish You Were Here, DSOTM, Amused To Death anymore...Especially those hundreds of thousands who have still never had the pleasure...

They should just curl up, sip their tea and let all those *great* new bands with original material and instrumental talent take over...

None of which will ever replicate what those two accomplished.

Maybe I am old too at 47, but as long as those two can get to the gig in my town, I'll pay whatever their asking. So would a great many top guitarists who wish they had half of Gilmour's talent and sense of timing.... no pun intended..
The style of music people tend to associate with Pink Floyd "psych-prog-space rock" hasn't been my cup of tea for a long, long time. But, thinking back to the one time I saw them, they absolutely tore it up. A really fierce rock band at their peak on the "Animals" tour (floating pig, notwithstanding).

Yes was the same deal. I don't spin the records anymore, but the live shows are memorable for the playing as much as the production values. Partly, because these bands usually have soloists who can really play. Pink Floyd specifically included.

The prog thing may be a little much for the purists who don't think that it has aged well (generally including me), but -IME- the live shows often feature great rock n roll, even if it is wrapped in way too much ribbon. I will try to catch this one when they hit LA.

With all due respect to you guys (really!)....if I was forced to listen to more than a song or 2 from those guys I think I would lose it. Respect for their talent and ability? Oh yes, the utmost. Fan back in the day? Big time fan. Brilliant artists who made some truly important music but the days rolled by and music has evolved with those days. Samuel I am surprised at the comments regarding current artists. There are many many many superbly talented (and important)artists creating records that move the spirit as those men did in their prime. There are many reasons why fame is not as it was then but if you take the time/energy to look and explore, the music is out there. I enjoy when an occasional Welcome to the Machine pops up when I have my catalog on random but not like I do spinning a disc of a brilliant new artist I discover. I think even my gear is tired of recreating those same notes of "and I grieve for my sister....yea yea, just like you have for the past 20 yrs...I honestly find it somewhat surprising that these guys got so stale and were unable to do anything relevant in their mature life, like Dylan and others have. A spin of Gilmours solo album, the one with the blue cover can never remember the name, makes me think I gave him way to much credit back in the day! Maybe I just overplayed those albums and got burned out but come on, how many times can you listen to the same damn's old, dated, and dare I say....dull.

Anyway. Enjoy the show...same old show....

Gawd, I was being tongue in cheek, or did you miss the :o). I was going for lighthearted disagreement with the notion that they are too old to play or should hang it up because their music is too dated. I like the idea that some of the younger set might get a thrill if they see these guys in concert. Gilmour is a particular talent with the guitar. There are few that compare with him in that genre when he is at his best.

Richard. Like many guys our age, of course I am no longer a Floyd-ophile at home. I liste mostly Jazz, folk, blues and Classical nowadays and have not revisited the PF catalog on the big system in some years--since the SACD remaster of DSOTM.

I still love the band ---and like old Elton John , Eagles or ELP, I will hold the dial steady when their music is on the radio. My point was related to concerts mainly. I saw Gilmour's PF when they came to Madison and I would again with my kids if they came back. They are a rare treat. Just like Miles Davis, Coltrane and other classics, I have the entire collection of their work.

Like many people, lives, listening tastes and sensibilities/priorities change. Gilmour has evolved and grown into other interests in addition to music, like his charities. He always has a number of projects going at once. No surprise or offense there.

Astoria's mastering and recording equipment are all _still_state of the art as are Astoria's recording engineers They continue to hold the respect of many of the world's best studios and are looked at as pioneers in the pursuit of recording quality. Many current artists still record there.

According to those that knew them both, Gilmour's musical abilities and instrumental prowess are what saved Animals and The Wall from commercial disaster. Waters had become progressively dark and fragmented in his writing and Gilmour was left to assemble a musical framework to balance Waters narcissism and lyrical darkness. The Final Cut was more of the same. Gilmour and Mason had enough at that point and the well publicized end of Waters PF was at hand.

No, I am not a grey-hair-pony-tail-wagging retro-freak, just someone who followed the band and respect the hell out of their talent and what they were able to achieve in their prime.
There seems to be an undercurrent of contempt for older artists on this site. I have read many posts that basically are criticizing these artists for STILL playing even though they are older. Gee, when you reach a certain age you have to quit ? Obviously, some are past their prime, others , however, still make/play great music whether you like their older stuff or their new direction. Possibly, once you make it big it frees you as an artist to explore other veins of music. Whether that music is relevant or good to younger or older music lovers is personal taste.
I agree. Look at how many senior players there are in major symphony orchestras and how their fingers can still fly across fingerboards, keys and valves. I think that, provided one takes care of the body and mind, with time, the musical abilities of talented people increase.
Some old farts (McCartney, Gilmour, Clapton, Henley, Taylor, Winwood, etc.) have weathered the years well and are still in relatively good voice.

Unfortunately it is painful to hear singers such as Ian Anderson, Robert Plant, Elton John, Steven Stills, etc. whose range has diminished so greatly that one almost feels embarrassed for them.
I thought Ian Anderson was bad until I heard Stephen Stills. I still like Plant though even though his range is greatly diminished.
Crispy, Stalls, and Nashed are in town next week.

Guess I'll just Carry On and stay home at Our House.
Bill, I gotta say, I saw Stills solo last year. I expected to be disappointed, but he really surprised me. Sure his voice is strained, but he was still very good in my opinion. Okay, gotta head over to Manassas for the evening.
If ever there was a good case for retirement it has to be the 'On an Island' cd by David Gilmour, what a pile of self indulgent crap.The worst 4 bucks I have ever spent on a cd.
Gilmour is going to play on Bryan Ferry's new disc this Fall. Should be interesting.