GIK Vicoustic and others

I started work on my basement room which will be used exclusively for 2 channel stereo 

It's quite small 14 x 11 but that's all I got to work with. 

What is the best way to position speakers? Along the long wall or the short wall? 

Would Sonus Faber Ellipsa overload this small room? 

I got two 20 amp receptacles and two 15 amp for other things 

I'm looking into proper acoustic treatments and was wondering which company is best for price and quality  

Also, are there specific recommendations for dry wall and insulation ? Do I Insulate the ceiling or just walls?  It's a small room, I am concerned about making it too dead. What about ceiling ? 




It looks like you are getting some good advice. Just a little more on my room. There is no drywall inside the room. The walls are 2 inch rigid fiberglass ( OwensCorning) covered with fabric and 1/4 inch pegboard covered as well. 2x6 framing. Rockwool between the studs and in the ceiling.This gives you extra square footage in the ceiling and wall cavities.   Outer wall is drywall then a layer of mass loaded vinyl (excellent soundproofing ) then a thicker layer of drywall over the MLV. 

I have a dedicated room the same size and I added 12 GIK 242 panels (4 front wall, 4 back wall and a pair each side wall) which made a nice difference. I emailed with them a few times and sent them pics and REW measurements. For my budget they recommended their 242 panel so that's what I got. 

I have a pair of Aurum Cantus V7F speakers and when I play it loud then yeah it starts to overload the room a bit but I don't play them that loud ever. I tried putting the system on the long wall first then tried the short wall and that's the way it stayed. 

For ceiling Getting double 5/8 dry wall with green glue and safe and sound stuffing. 

what should I do with the floor ? It’s concrete now. I don’t think I can install hardwood on concrete. Thick vinyl floor ? 


Timely thread, I have some basic room treatments,  two corner bass traps and four 244's base traps all GIK. I went thru the room analysis with GIK, placed an order for two more corner start. Based upon GIK recommendations,  I put two 244's on each side wall at the first reflection made a noticeable difference. I am hoping that they arrive undamaged,  as some, as experienced.  And I was told shipping was 8-12 weeks out.....that's OK.


My room is a dedicated 20' X 14' in the basement. I did not do double dry wall...instead, the non-foundation walls have staggard studs, and the dry wall on the ceiling is on a track system. There is a solid core door, rarely closed.....thanks to our dogs.


Anyways, I plan on following GIK's plan and believe the end result will be nice surprise.

For the floor - Rug (s) with pad ... carpet or additional flooring is not necessary.