GIK Vicoustic and others

I started work on my basement room which will be used exclusively for 2 channel stereo 

It's quite small 14 x 11 but that's all I got to work with. 

What is the best way to position speakers? Along the long wall or the short wall? 

Would Sonus Faber Ellipsa overload this small room? 

I got two 20 amp receptacles and two 15 amp for other things 

I'm looking into proper acoustic treatments and was wondering which company is best for price and quality  

Also, are there specific recommendations for dry wall and insulation ? Do I Insulate the ceiling or just walls?  It's a small room, I am concerned about making it too dead. What about ceiling ? 



I’d insulate because it’s the basement, but no need for double drywall. Another place to put insulation is in the ceiling, it will definitely cut down on the noise complainants from upstairs 😁

All the best.


I ordered from GIK and was not pleased.  It took two months for the products to arrive. And when they did, they were poorly packaged and all four pieces were damaged. Took close to another 2 months to get replacement pieces for the damaged pieces. I could have overlooked the delays if the products had arrived in good condition, but based on my first experience with the delays and damage, I am unlikely to go back to them for any future purchases.

@ bjp9738 My friend had a similar experience, long wait for poorly packaged damaged panels. They did not replace the entire panel, just the front plates, and he had to fix them himself. Sounds like Vicoustic is more professional and higher quality. 

I had the same issue with GIK. They took over 3 months and when the panels arrived, one of the front plates was broken. They sent me a new one pretty quickly. The rest of the panels were pretty good though. However, the second shipment had panels with with very visible creases all over, corners not cut properly, and an overall looser fit. The fit and finish was not indicative of the prices they charge. They told me it would be another 3 months to send the replacements. I was tired of waiting so just kept the panels. It seems GIK is now hit and miss depending on who works on your panels. I won't be ordering from them anymore.

I ordered three 6 inch by 2 foot wide and 4 feet tall dual use for my rear wall. The order took a couple of months but they were on time within their estimated time. Packaging was poor. I used a black marker to touch up some light damage.  SQ changes were NOT noticeable, but they look cool. I ordered 2 16 Inch by 4 foot tube traps, they were almost 3 times the cost of the three GIK panels, but they make a huge improvement if you can believe this...IMAGING and secondly bass control. I put them behind and  a bit towards  the center on the front wall. They only took 2 weeks to get them to me. Pacaging was amazing and protective. Proucts were perfect. BTW the tube traps are often shown as an off white that stands out like a