GIK Vicoustic and others

I started work on my basement room which will be used exclusively for 2 channel stereo 

It's quite small 14 x 11 but that's all I got to work with. 

What is the best way to position speakers? Along the long wall or the short wall? 

Would Sonus Faber Ellipsa overload this small room? 

I got two 20 amp receptacles and two 15 amp for other things 

I'm looking into proper acoustic treatments and was wondering which company is best for price and quality  

Also, are there specific recommendations for dry wall and insulation ? Do I Insulate the ceiling or just walls?  It's a small room, I am concerned about making it too dead. What about ceiling ? 


GIK is great and about middle of the road in pricing compared to others. You should consider their corner traps or soffit traps, as well as their wall panels. Many of their panels and corner traps have diffusion plates that can be added. This gives a balance of bass absorption along with scattering of high frequencies. 

Yes, the ceiling and floor are much more important than most people realize and complete the illusion of your room vanishing and leaving only the recorded space.

ATS is a less expensive alternative.

One other thing to consider is that GIK is running about 8 weeks to delivery.