GIK Acoustics summer contest!

Hey guys,

Sorry if you find this annoying. But I don't have any friends because I spend all my time listening to music!
I just treated my entire room using products from GIK focussing mostly on diffusion and corner bass traps.
Can you vote for my system as best new system on the GIK website so I can win first prize?!?!?
All you need to do is click on link below, find and click on my system image from the gallery, and then just click on star at bottom left to cast vote. No typing necessary!
It’s the beige room with two black subs and center white expanded polystyrene diffusors.
Please check my system under "Basement Sanctuary" to see the photo I submitted to GIK for the contest.


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I know... pretty ridiculous. But hey, a thousand bucks buys me a lot of vinyl. Thought I'd give it a try. I humbly slink away with my tail between my legs.

But please check out my system and tell me what you think of my new room treatments. I'd love feedback and thoughts. I did the absorption thing in the past and going 90% diffusion is a big step for me.

I think your room looks great.Does using 90% diffusion sound better to you or just different?I have GIK bass traps but haven't tried diffusers yet.
Curious why you made 3 posts about this?  As tacky as it is, one would have been sufficient, don't you think?

I wasn't sure if most Audiogoners are checking out multiple forums or not. Probably a little overkill.


I was a little nervous about switching to so much diffussion, but I was prompted by Steve Dobbins with XactAudio when he flew in to upgrade my LT tonearm with a magnesium armwand. He said my room was over dampened, and so I took his advice. I new diffusion would bring more energy into my room, but I was afraid that I would lose resolution. What I found was that resolution increased. I still don't know why that happened. It seems counter intuitive to me.

I like the Gridfusor fine. They seem to do the job. I chose them for my front wall because they are very light weight and could be mounted to the front of my 90" flatscreen. It takes about a minute to remove them to watch movies. I used adhesive velcro to attach them and a rubberized bike hook to mount over the top of the TV. I added some more pics on my system page if you want to see how it was done. Eventually, I would like a wood diffusor on the front wall.
Thanks for voting!

I probably don't have a chance because my wife won't let me put it on Facebook because she thinks it's too pretentious. But it's still fun to try.
I figured my audiophile brothers here might help because they are probably the only ones that understand the "work" we put into this kooky hobby.