GIK Acoustic Treatments

The new listening room (22x14)is a bit of an acoustic nightmare: ceramic floors, bare walls, and open side wall into a large cavernous space. An 8x10 rug with 2 ASC tube traps is doing little to tame the slap echo. My web research led me to GIK Acoustics. Very affordable products with great customer service. I just submitted my "consult form" with an indicated budget of $1000. I have read of some members here who have been very pleased with their products. Was hoping to hear of other members experiences with GIK in terms of results, build quality and aesthetic.

I've used them and they can be quite effective. They don't look great but that is in the eye of the beholder.

I contacted GIK a couple years back for some swatches showing their current standard line, and their upscale line of fabrics... 3 times. I'm still waiting... well, I quit waiting as they never came.
I decided to take the plunge and have my room completely treated with GIK products. 4 Tri-traps for the corners, 2 244 bass traps for the rear walls, and 3 242 acoustic panels for the ceiling and first reflection points. I ordered all of them with black fabric - I'm hoping this will be the most aesthetically pleasing option. I should mention that all 9 products with shipping came to approx $1000 - certainly more affordable than other comparable acoustic products. I'm not going to suggest that quality is on par with Rives or ASC, but there is certainly a good sense of value with GIK

Blindjim, I'm sorry to hear about your negative experience with GIK. Thus far, I've found their customer service to be extraordinary. I was contacted this morning through email by their lead acoustic designer to determine which products would suit my room. All email responses came within 10 minutes. I placed the order this morning and should have everything in 2 weeks. Will post about the sonics as soon as they arrive.

I should mention that I am not affiliated with GIK in any way (that should be obvious since I work in physical rehab but full disclosure seems to be the standard protocol following praise for any product or company).
Next to cables and tweaks, room treatment devices are some of the most ridiculously marked up products in our hobby.

As they seemed reasonable, I used GIK and also had a great experience.

Even my wife thinks they look great. (Photos in system link.)
I bought OWENS CORNING 703 2" panels off the bay.cut them to size.covered them myself with $22 worth of discount black audio as well as anything Ive tried for under $125.00
I have had 3 of the 242s and 4 of the 244s for the last couple of years. The build quality is good, but aesthetically the front edges are not as straight and clean as I would like (they may have changed this). I have the basic black fabric and it looks good and is of high quality. Acoustically they are great and you can't beat the price in a pre-made panel. As far a customer service, they were great and a friend of mine who also ordered from them said the same.
Thanks... it's cool. Sure I was disappointed at the results, especially after I offered to pay, twice, for the samples.

However in my life everything always works out. I bought sufficient OC & Manley (?) rock wool to outfit two severe corner traps, ala Super chunks, first reflections, and corner busters, for around $175, and the backboarding for around $10, the fabric isn't settled yet, but should come in around $100 give or take a bit. so for about 3 bills or so, the room gets done acoustically. Esthetically, it'll appear as traditional furniture accessories and match better to the existing color changes I've made there too. Should be done shortly.

Good luck and enjoy.
My experience with GIK was very pleasant. I have 8 of the 244 panels and would likely order a few more products from them if my wife hadn't freaked out so much when the 244 panels arrived. Excellent bang for the buck!
I'm using 4 Tri Traps in my living room, and I have about 20 244/242 panels in my recording studio. They do the job just fine. They're not perfect aesthetically, but good enough to look pretty professional. I tried making one once, and it's not as easy as it looks. I won't be making any more, especially with GIK's price point for these things. I have never had any problems with customer service. They've been great.

Glenn here from GIK Acoustics. Wow I am VERY sorry to hear that we did not get the samples out to you. I do know a couple years back we had some growing pains so not sure if you got caught up in that or what. Please feel free to contact me through our website and I will make sure you are take care of right away.
Another happy camper
GIK and group... Bryan and Glenn are great to deal with

The panels and traps work and look good to boot
Go with the Guilford cloth and the wife will thank you as well