Giant subwoofer

I remember seeing a few years ago on the internet someone who designed their house foundation to be a giant subwoofer. I am trying to find this site again to show some friends the options of taking audio to extremes, (yes, happy extremes). Any other ideas would also be appreciated. Thanks, David.
This may be it --
Here it is:
Donna Subwoofer
I think the earth will shift axis when that system Is on full
That guy was nuts designed a series of baffles in his foundation! My wife would divorce me for that one...
Thanks, I also found this a little extreme but can appreciate the passion to eck out that last little bit of a bass note. Scroll down to see the instalation of a horn driven woofer.
A foundation/sub woofer, seems quite normal to me. One could tell the missus that Its either an air raid shelter In these troubled times or could be used as a spare bedroom, remembering of course not to turn It up too loud when In use!.
This is not a living room or "normal" listening room any longer! This is more like a mastering/monitoring studio!

What do you put in the listing once you want to sell your sub-sub-woofered house?
Wine cellar included. I would imagine that the Thigpen rotary woofer would equal it up to at least 20 Hz. It too might be difficult to disengage from ones house.