Giant SandTuscon

or Giant Giant Sand which is what is on the cover - due to the larger than usual number of musicians Billed as a concept or rock opera i don't care about the concept or story/opera aspects, but I do consider thid a great release. IMO it is the best Howie Gelb has ever done. It captures the essence what he and the rest of the Southwest bands like Calexico, Friends of Dean Martinez and others have been striving for - the desert sound Ennio Morricone, Chris Isaac and the Ventures skillfully mixed with some country twang
I used to be a fan but GS got redundant for me

I agree this is a bit twangy and fresh/different

thanks for the heads up!

also, consider Lambchop if you have not heard them already
I recently discovered Giant Sand. Howe Gelb is a musical genius IMO! He can't be tied down to one genre which is a good thing for an artist to spred their musical wings. Went to a record show to find GS lps, came away with "Long Stem Rant". After listening to this and "proVisions" @ "Tucson", my feeling is the reissues will be pretty good. A lot of good listening is forthcoming.
... the reissue of "Swerve" is on now... sounds good!