Giant Killer Speaker Cable For ZU Presence

I just bought the Zu Presence speakers and need SC's.

I can buy the Zu Ibis cable for $1044.00 (2.5M)

My budget is <$1000.00 and need a 2M.

Any thoughts on a great giant killer speaker wire at a great price.

I would like to spend more but all the $$$ went into the speakers.

No Home Depot stuff.
why not try Paul Speltz anti cables?? Many have tried and many have been amaized at how much perfomance you get for very little money...
If you have the opportunity to try DNM Solid Core, I do not think you will be disapponited. A 10 foot pair cost me $220.00.
Alpha Core Goertz MI2 or MI3 worth a demo and well under budget.
Broken record...

Gregg Straley Reality Cable.

Not claiming it's the "best" (there is no best), but it is definitely a Giant Killer.
Hey Gary,

I see you got your Zu speakers.

I know I have nothing to tell you in the way of speaker wire because I am sure you have more experience than I on the subject.

I just hope to hear how the Zu speakers compare to the AN-Jspe at some point, when you have them tweaked just right, as I am sure you will.

all the best

Hi Phil,

Going from AN Sogon $48,000.00 to a $1000.00 cable LOL. This will be interesting so I need help on this one.
Gary look into Analysis Plus Big Silver.

$1050 for 2M
I using the Ibis on both my Zu Druids and Definiions, and they are great. Very detailed. I have only compaired them to other cables in the Zu line, and these really let the music out. Great low level detail.