Ghost repeats during vinyl playback

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So, in a few instances (CSN first lp; Bill Evans "Portrait in Jazz", a few others), I've detected a ghost echo of a certain instrumental phrase or sequence of notes - like, Bill Evans might play a certain run of 4-5 notes, and I;d hear through the right speaker that same run, only fainter, echoed a half-second later.

What causes this? Would the ghost run be a first take that never was overdubbed or edited out in completion? Is it a print-through from the analog tape? This isn't a skip by any means; the groove continues to spiral in at 33 1/3.

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The recording was made on a tape recorder. The phenomena is known as 'print through' and is caused by the tape being wound around on itself and the tape is able to transfer some of its magnetism to the tape that is wound against it.

You hear it more clearly on LPs simply because LPs are better at low level detail than CDs.
It can also be caused by...
 Thin, closely spaced spiral grooves that allowed for increased playing time on a 33 1⁄3 rpm microgroove LP led to a faint pre-echo warning of upcoming loud sounds. The cutting stylus unavoidably transferred some of the subsequent groove wall's impulse signal into the previous groove wall. It was discernible by some listeners throughout certain recordings but a quiet passage followed by a loud sound would allow anyone to hear a faint pre-echo of the loud sound occurring 1.8 seconds ahead of time

On some albums it is very distinct e.g. on my Tacet albums, the sound engineering is very good and the quiet passages are extremely quiet, which makes the pre-echo from an upcoming loud passage very noticeable.

On some double albums that contain only 3-4 tracks per side, the spacing between grooves is wider, hence the groove wall is not distorted -resulting in an echo-free performance.

I have albums from Diana Krall, Eagles and a John Mayer that are completely pre-echo free - a joy to listen to

Some of my "standard albums" are excellent whereas some of my more expensive heavyweight albums are quite bad - there appears to be no rhyme or reason - perhaps it's down to the quality of vinyl, content of recycled vinyl, or just the care taken in cutting the master.

Strange and frustrating

Awesome; thank you all for the clarification