Ghent Audio users

Any Ghent Audio users here?
I am curious about these amplifiers and would like to know some opinions. 
Also, if someone compared Ghent products with other class D amps at same price range - Tripath, Ice power, Ncore, etc. 
I'm a rookie in class D and would like to know the difference between the various chipsets. 
(Unfortunately I don't have easy access to listen to them).
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But to answer your question, generally, I find the ICEPower AS / ASP lines to be very modern, neutral sounding amps. Plenty of power, neither stark nor grainy.
Erik, that is a great thread, lots of information. Thanks. 
Ghent uses the ICE power modules in their amps, you could save some money and buy the module, and case-wire kit from Ghent and assemble it your self.