GG Rev. MK1 Vs. Rev. MK2

I came across the Gabriel Gold Rev. by reading all the posts of the happy campers who heard and bought the original MK1 interconnect. We are talking $3000.00 + here.

When comparing it to my Kondo KSL-LP and Audio Note Sogon it made both sound conjested and veiled.

One of it's weakness was a narrow soundstage from front to back. It keep the music in between the speakers. Still it did smoke the Kondo/Audio Note cable in so many areas that I sold both to pursue this fine sounding cable.

I have had the MK2 in my system for some time and I borrowed my friends MK1 for a shoot out.

Having both cables for A/B comparison and having my wife evaluating with me is alot of fun. She has never "missed it" and can pick out the strengths and weaknesses of the cables she hears.

It seems to me that in the ad on the Rev. MK2 that the designer have stated the truth behind the cable. It has some of the flavor of the Rapture ( which I own) in the 3d area. It is wider and deeper front to back.

The MK1 seems to through more clarity at you but it my be
that you are getting more to listen to with the MK2 so it my not be doing that at all, it just seems that way.

I would say it is a few large steps up from the MK1 being better in depth and staging than the MK1. Those are the two areas that I would say are easiest to hear as being different. I have never heard drums and cymbals with such clarity and realism. To me it is better all across the board. What the MK1 lacked the MK2 supplies.

The MK1 is still one heck of a cable for the money but the
MK2 would be my choice to have if I had to live with one or the other. Is it worth the extra money to upgrade from the MK1 to the MK2? Yes, to me it would be. At say $700.00 for a MK2 vs. $3000.00 + for the BIG name companies I would say that they are well worth every penny.

I now have the Rapture (3 of them) in my system. Thanks to all the members who have shared their thoughts about this hidden gem in the rough.
The original Gabriel Gold Revelation was/is a very focused and revealing cable that does wonders with harmonics,tonality,textures while providing fast accurate bass.
A few members have mentioned that as great as the cable is it did not have the widest of stages.
On the other hand most people state that the cable has great soundstaging.
This may do to the actual speakers being used by members.
I use Logans so the stage was never an issue for me.
Some boxed speakers have a tendency to not image as well as others and benefit from a colored or accentuated sounding cable.
Copper cables in particular have a tendency to bloom(even when you don't want them to)
It is just the nature of copper.

This is where some trade offs may come in.
Do I give up hearing all of this information and music just to hear a bigger more congested sound.
I think the answer is definately NO.
I have listened to the MK 2 and the designer has improved upon a cable that most thought would be impossible to better.
The MK 2 releases an abundance of information in such an effortless and uncongested manner that the music just
absorbs you.
I actually hear more information from this cable and I believe the reason member glory finds the MK 2 to have great staging and depth is due to the cables capability to replicate the natural decay of instruments and voices within the recording even better than the original.

Hearing more things can shift your focus.

The mind is a funny thing when listening to music.
Ever listen to a system that you thought had great bass and then throw a sub in for kicks?
Then you remove the sub after a few songs and it's like where's the bass.
The same thing happens when you are exposed to more information from your recording.
Your mind has gotten use to certain passages within a song for example a Dimeola solo
Then when listening to the same passage with more info the guitar all of a sudden is not the only thing you hear.
It's like where did that come from?
I never heard that in the background before?
Upon listening to some Di Meola tracks that I am very familiar I noticed hearing more and more into the recording with the MK 2. and that is exactly what I experienced.(MORE MUSIC !)
When you are use to listening to your favorite recordings and all of a sudden things pop out that were never there before it is quite a pleasant surprise.

Upon further listenining I also realized that not only was I hearing more info with the MK 2 but it was more detailed too.
It just comes across so effortlessly that the music wraps around you without ever sounding analytical
The MK 2 does have some of the Gabriel Gold Rapture traits at half the price and these traits I find are far better than any cable I've heard except for the Rapture.
The Rapture is better no doubt and is probably one of if not the best cable offerred by the industry today.

The Revelation MK 2 is the one to beat at it's price.

I'd love to hear it take on the Tesla
In my opinion it would just be one more Goliath taken down by David

As an audio guy and not an olympian I still say "go for the gold"!
I really do wish we could edit our threads as the reference made to $3000.00 + should go under the Sogon, Kondo KSL cable and not in the opening paragraph. The cost for the Sogon and KSL-LP is $3000.00 plus.

Audiogon, is there away to edit our threads?

I have noticed I can edit my threads on occasion. After it's posted you could go right to it and there is an edit feature you can click on. maybe this feature is only available for a while and then it is disabled. It used to be Audiogon took several hours to approve posts. Now posts appear immediately and so you can check on it right away and edit if need be.
great post and accurate to boot.
All I can do is simply agree
I have just gotten a pair of Revelation MK 2's and the difference is easily noticable upon the very first listen.