GFP-750 - blue v. red circuit boards

Recently, I have seen a couple of posts and ads that talk about the Adcom GFP-750 with the preferred blue (v. red) circuit board, but never an explanation for why it's preferred. What makes this model preferred?

Bob R.
I own one and thought it was odd too.
So I did some Googling and came up with nothing.
Who knows?
'Prolly some marketing idea the dude selling it came up with.
Hello all,
I have owned both [more than once].
The units with the blue circuit boards were made in the USA and were the older units.
The reddish circuit board units are the newer units and are made in Taiwan and are much less reliable.
The newer units have a different balance control and volume control than the older units.
The reddish circuit board units also have a issue with the balance control operation and the volume control operation:
On the newer units you have to turn the volume control much higher in active mode to achieve the same volume levels as the older units, because the balance controls are padded down with resistors when the control is turned "straight up" at the 12:00 o'clock position.
This supposedly was to make the active and passive modes nearer to the same volume level when flipping the active/passive switch on the front of the unit, but it hurts the gain, and transparency of the active mode, IMHO.
On the older units, playing your left and right loudspeakers, the sound is loudest from BOTH speakers when the balance control is turned "straight up" at 12:00 o'clock.
On the newer units the sound is loudest when the volume control is turned all the way to the left [left speaker] or all the way to the right [right speaker]. The sound level to both speakers is reduced when the balance is turned straight up to 12:00 o'clock.
The newer units also had issues with the remote control not controlling the volume and balance knobs correctly...They would overshoot or sometimes not move at all with the remote!
Passive mode remains about the same.
If anyone else has had similar experiences with these units, please share it with us.
The blue circuit board units are better, IMHO.
Another thing,
The reliability and/or balance control issues may or may not have been resolved on the newest Adcom GFP-750's, so my comments on the newer units may or may not still apply.
The newest unit that I have owned, with the red circuit board, was an early 2005 model, and it did have all the above mentioned problems. I exchanged it for another new model and it had the exact same issues as the first one.
They were both BIG disappointments.
Well, then I must have a blue board... 'cuz I have the funtions as the blue is stated to have.
My balance is loudest at 12:00
The passive is MUCH lower in vol than the active.
I will look in at it.
I also have a GFP 750 and my results are the same as Elizabeth.. I looked throught the top vent holes in my unit and the board is Blue.
i have one with a red board, dang it, i'm going to open mine up, and try to color my board blue, so it will sound better
Daltonlanny is completely correct with his observations. I tried out two separate brand new units in Mid 2004, both made in Taiwan.

They both sounded good but the volume and balance controls were crap. The turning feel was not smooth and both pots had a large amount of play or wiggle in their operation. Also, the shafts were not even aligned straight perpendicular with the front of the unit. I also noticed the volume would increase when the balance was moved to either side of the 12:00 position. That was annoying to me as well.

I just received an older USA made unit from a fellow audiogon member and this unit is built rock solid. The balance and volume pots on this one are high quality ALPS pots with very smooth turning and absolutely no loose wiggle feel.

I don't know how many of the Taiwan made units have the inferior controls but I know the Mid 2004 models did.