Getting the cartridge weight setting right... Rega RP10

So, I have been listening to my Rega RP10 through my Conrad Johnson preamp and amp, and have liked the sound of it quite a bit.  Today I received an inexpensive stylus pressure gauge and found that I was at 1.89, which I thought was pretty good for hand measured.  Anyway, I reset the weight at the correct 1.75 gram setting.  Soundstage immediately became wider and deeper.  It sounded like a multi-thousand dollar upgrade.  Cost $18.00.

So, for those of you who are wondering if getting the cartridge pressure right-- it matters-- a lot.  I am glad i didn't wear out a cartridge prematurely, but am really happy with my $18.00 investment-- Truly, it sounded like I had just dropped $5,000.  Happy listening to all.
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I have an RP10 as well with a Lyra Kleos and have found that’s 1.72 seems to be the best. I bought an Ortofon scale and it has been very consistent. Just curious what do you have you’re table setting on? I have been trying a few things and am wanting to try the HRS platforms.
I have the RP10 on a 3/4 birch plywood shelf that's about 24" x 40" and is glued and mitered into the rear and both sides of the component rack.  It's pretty solid, but I have some thick rock maple stock around and may elevate the table by a couple of inches with some of that 1/8 or 1/4 thick turntable mat to further reduce vibration.  But, mostly it would be just another wood project to make the RP10 look cooler (without the cutout and without the dust cover.  Cheers,
Thanks Liamowen, I have, as mentioned, been experimenting trying to maximize performance. But it can be frustrating as well as enlightening. Appreciate your response.
@liamowen now you  are a convert to the need to set VTF very accurately you should invest in the Rega scale. It’s quite the best one currently available