getting started with the rme adi-2 dac

I am sitting and looking at my new rme adi-2 dac and wondering how to set it up as a dac only. With no volume control and input from a streamer via coax SPDIF and analog rca out to my PL HP integrated.

So I just want a "normal" dac. Any tips for setting it up for best sound quality.
I just unboxed mine, thumbed through the manual and hooked it up. Definitely a little complex scrolling through the menu but I’m getting the hang of it. For now I’m listening to the NOS Filter. I’ll let it cook for sometime before making any serious notes or go back to the DAC in my Cambridge 851C but quick observation is I think even out of the box the bottom end punches more than my 851C and the noise floor seems lower.

Curious what you settled on martin-andersen for settings and I’m searching to set output to fixed as well. Is yours the current FS version.
The only thing I’m doing different out of the box is with the stock switched PS I’m using a PC I built from VH Audio with Furutech plugs instead of the one that came with. Nordost Silver Shadow spdif and Baldur Balanced XLR.

Definitely feel the RME is pulling a little more out the recording than my Cambridge. Out of the box this DAC sounds very good so it will be interesting if things change as I get some time on it. After a few days I’ll go back to my Cambridge to compare.