Getting started with integrated-advice.

I am getting back into audio after 20 years away. My listening room is 20x11 foot and I thought a good integrated would be a good way to go. I just got the NAD
521i CD player and will run the system with some mini
monitors and sub at first. So, I am thinking of a NAD
c350 or c370.
I would welcome reccomendations as there is extremely limited audio shopping in my area. Thanks
Audio Refinement Complete is a great starter int. amp for about 600 used on audiogon.
NAD c370 is a darn good amp. You couldn't go wrong.
What speakers do you plan to use?
If you like the NAD stick with it so you can use the remote on both pieces. A friend has an NAD combo with the Paradigm Ref 20 speakers and sounds quite musical for the $$. Try some DH labs cables and interconnects, inexpensive but good.
Thanks I think I'll look for a Nad c370. unfortunately I
just missed the two that were for sale on Audiogon and I am
without a nearby dealer. The only authorized dealer online
I could find was Yawa and they are backordered on that amp.
Good point about the remote too.
I am currently listening to polk minis on stands. Don't
know what they are. They sound okay with the Sony powered
sub from a compact system.
I saw some Soliloquy 5.0 monitors with stands on Audiogon
and I am interested in those. I will probably end up with
standed monitors and an upgraded sub of some type.
If you're looking at Soliloquy 5.0 monitors then you should consider vintage EL84 integrated amps. All my friends who heard my Daystrom 282 ( same as Heathkit SA-2 except looks more modern.) in that power range got blown away by its sound. I bypass the treble-bass and invert control. The power produced by most of the EL84 pp amp ranges from 12Watt to 18Watt depends on the size of output transformer.
You might want to call in KS. Ordered many products over the years from them and their $$ and service
have been excellent. They carry NAD. They might even have a demo. Bill
I helped my dad put together a system. After listening to a lot of stuff, we ended up with the c370 paired with an older, used pair of Thiel .5's (which are kind of halfway between a monitor and a floorstander). He also has a NAD tuner and dvd/cdp, and so enjoys being able to use one remote for everything. It's a nice system with a very smoooth, clear, and extended high frequency range. He bough the dvd from spearitsound on the web and was very pleased with their service.
Thanks for all of your responses. I have checked into all
of amps and sites and have purchased a c370. Thanks to
Tvad for the steer to spearit sound.
Next-speakers. ST