Getting Started - Recommendations?

I'm just graduating from my old system and want to get something that I can be happy with for the next decade or so. I've got around $1000-1200 to spend on an amp/preamp, or on an integrated amp. Any suggestions of how to best spend this on gear, new or used? Thanks in advance!
I don't have specific recommendations, but I do perefer buying used.

Whats your current set-up?

What are you looking for sound wise?
What speakers do you have?
What source components do you have?
How big is your room?
What kind of music do you listen to?
Do you have a pref or solid state or tubes?
Is a remote required?

I suggest used. More bang for your buck, IMO.
These days there are many high quality integrated amps out there. Speakers, room size and solid-state/tubes are the big variables. Help us out and we can help you out.