Getting ready for the future?

Your thoughts please:

I am currently looking around in order to purchase (i) a new CD-player and (ii) a new DVD/Blue-Ray player. I am using Meridian 800v2 for CD and DVD and Marantz SA12 S1 for SACD. I have a lot op problems with the Meridian so will have to replace it anyway for CD and DVD.

I find it really difficult to establish which amount of money I will have to pay to get a first class system again and whether I should invest in a state of the art CD-player or buy a mediaplayer. I only have 10 SACDs so the upgrade of the Marantz is not so important. I am hesitating between the following options:

(a) buy a used Linn Unidisk 1.1 and a blue-ray player in the future (will have to wait for the Marantz and Denon-players);
(b) buy a new Linn Akurate DS mediaplayer, some old CD-player to be used as transport only (old Sony ES?) and a cheap blue-ray player;
(c) buy a used Linn Unidisk 2.1, a Wadia iTransport and Apple iPod 160 Gb and a blue-ray player;
(d) buy a new Linn Akurate DS mediaplayer and Linn Unidisk SC and wait for state of the art blu-ray player.

Rest of the system is Krell Showcase processor, Krell KAV 2250 amplifier to drive B&W 803D and Linn 5125 to drive B&W 805s.

I use stereo/DVD/SACD in a 75/15/10 ratio and want to spend around 6000-7000 euro (9000-11000 USD). Any thoughts on this?
I had a similar process I just went through and decided on the Apple TV as a source feeding a Esoteric G25 reclocker/upconverter into a Esoteric D-03 DAC. So I spent only $300 on the Apple TV where I now have all my CD's saved and around $16,000 on the rest. This now gives me state of the art sound.

You could do the same with the Esoteric D-05 dac which is around $7500, which upsamples as well.

I see no point in spending any money on a disc player at this time, except for a cheap Blu-ray player. Everything else should be digitally stored and go into an external DAC and Apple TV is the best interface for the money out there by a mile.

1350, what cable are you using out the Apple TV?

I'm also contemplating simplifying my digital playback. I've done a test over the weekend running a cheap toslink optical cable out the Apple TV feeding the Benchmark DAC, but I didn't like the results. The sound seemed more detailed, but there was a lack of focus. The whole frequency range shifted upwards, more airy highs but at the expense of lower frequency definition and impact.

I was considering getting the Audioquest Optilink 5 toslink cable to see if I can get a more balanced and focused sound.