Getting ready for new cart

As I only have a dynavector XV-1s and it's cantilever is slowly angling to the right at rest (suspension? Insufficient Anti skate?), I've been contemplating adding a second cart to my collection. As many of us, we can't hear everything and depend in this forum and others, as well as audio shows to make certain decisions.

I love the XV-1s and my knee jerk is to get a second one. But I was also wondering about the Dyna XV-1t and the transfiguration proteus. Any one lucky enough to have evaluated these carts and could offer some info/recommendations?
I noticed my Dynavector cantilever is angled to the right as well. I would welcome any comments about this condition.
If the stylus is not excessively worn I would send the cartridge to Andy Chong to have a new damper installed, the cartridge cleaned and aligned. If it is totalled, he will tell you and not charge for his services. Then again, we all get the upgrade itch from time to time. Good luck.
I would buy a better Arm instead of another cartridge,
Tbromgard -

My dyna XV-1s was perfect out of the box. Had it for three years and probably 1,000 hours on it. Recently in last two weeks started noticing soundstage shifting, increased sibilance and maybe some crosstalk. Tonal quality still perfect though. When I started investigating, I noticed the cantilever shifted about 1 mm to the right - very subtle but there and definitely new. And, no, I have never luckily had a cart mishap. Through further investigation I noticed that my turntable platform has settled in the floor after a few years and was now about 1 degree lower in the front end and not level. I am afraid that combined with insufficient anti-skate may have led to the problem. I just like my sound with little to no anti-skate: I think it thickens the bass and detracts from natural rhythm and pace. Not sure if Dyna carts are more prone to having the cantilever shift to right over time or not....

Viridian -

Good idea, I may go with Chong to take a look. But you are right, I'm always looking for an excuse to upgrade! Ha! But one never knows when upgrading if it really is one sometimes hence my curiosity of anyone with Xv-1s, Xv -1t and Transfiguration Proteus experience.

Syntax -

I really like my TW arm. I have tried VPI (didn't really like) and Graham (good but more solid and realistic imaging with TW) and felt that the TW arm was superior in my system. However, I am sure mileage and preferences may vary......

By the way, I did check the bearings on the arm , alignment, etc and everything checked out. Arm seems to be functioning perfectly. AS magnet seems to be performing as it should too. I think I've troubleshot everything arm-related.