Getting out of vinyl and sick about it

I was collecting for years but then went away to New Zealand without my gear and now that I'm back I can't justify records. I'm selling my first subscription to the Music Matters Blue Notes that I never got to open as well as my huge Mosaic records collection and my crazy, original stuff from Tom Petty to expensive Led Zeppelin reissues on Classics 45s. Not to mention the love of my life...a gold Technics turntable with KAB mod plus a 78rpm setup and my huge 78 collection. Ah! The horror. What should I do? I'm out, I must get out!
Kublakhan - Don't think I understand. What's to justify? Seems like you've already made a meaningful investment in music and hardware. Further investment is not mandatory. Why not just enjoy what you've got?
Kublakhan, welcome back!!!! So how long away from this hobby did it take to cure your addiction?
Hi Dennis:

Since you are getting out of analog, KISS, and pick up a nice line stage preamp.

May I suggest a lightly used/low hours E.L.A.D.?
Cold Turkey in New Zealand, eh?

Not a bad way to do it.

Unfortunately you'll probably take a financial beating selling off the records unless your willing to invest the time to do it right. Why not just keep them and enjoy them at that point? Especially given all the time and money invested in this thing to date.

At least that's how I would probably tend to think about it.

Definitely not worth being sick about. maybe just leave good enough alone.
let me know when you're going to sell your records.
Well I would say if your mind is made up regarding your LPs sell all those records, your LP set up and other vinyl related gear so you won't get sucked back into the hobby. I would suggest selling the records in chunks here on audigon. If you are a masochist list your records on craigslist. Be ready for insane lowballing.
Contact local library or community college and donate the equipment and the recordings on the condition that they maintain it as a collection open to the public. Talk to your accountant about about the best way to handle the tax benefits.
hah tax benefits will be zero to nothing.

I went to Switzerland!!

But now that i am back i am more committed to analog then ever!!

Like my analog set-up but would be willing to work with you on the lip's etc...

Please let me know and i will send you my e-mail for off site...
If you do go forward with sale of your LPs, please let us know the venue: here, eBay, elsewhere? I may be interested in some of the Mosaic titles to complete my collection.
What? Did you take up golf or meat pies?
If this sounds like a veiled "come on" post to sell some of this stuff,it is.Just thought you should know...The prices do not match the despondent tone of the post. tsk tsk......
Take out an ad.
Before selling get a good ADC and a good DAC and digitize as much as you can, at least the ones most important to you. Well done digitized files can sound an a lot like vinyl.
What if the OP does not want his digital to sound like vinyl?
Sorry couldn't resist. Peace bro :-))
Milpai - then the trip to NZ did more damage than we thought and he should seek professional help :)
I've been there, but never pressed the 'unload' button. I have gone through periods over the years where I didn't have a system set up. At some point, I'd get back into it, and man, realize how glad I was that I hung onto the records. I could see getting rid of the crap, though, which is what I'm constantly doing- thinning out my records, so I keep the better pressings. Of course, I'm still buying vinyl, but most of it used/older stuff.
I'm reluctant to offer advice, but will say that you can live without if it is a necessity to get out. (Which is how I'm reading the OP). Good luck. (I did the same thing with cars- couldn't get enough of them, now don't even drive much, and don't miss it, except for the occasional tug when I'm on a twisty road and wish I was behind the wheel of something old, fun and nimble).
I don't know why I'm even posting this, because the OP hasn't bothered to even come back to his own thread.

Not sure why he feels he must "get out"? No mention in the post of the "why" of it all.

Is that what New Zealand does to the brain?

I once had a friend who went away to New Zealand. He also came back batshit crazy. Wait awhile to see if you come to your senses.
Shakey, New Zealand less-likely have anything to do with brain. USA has much greater experience on all various types of brainwash to the magnitude of hundreds times larger vs. New Zealand.
Sony started this digital madness and therefore, the compulsion to rid one's self of vinyl products. Yep, it twas Japan and not New Zealand nor the U.S. And coming next ... the realistic sex doll - all digital of course. "Perfect sex forever!"
Op, stop teasing the audiophiles. :^)
There's already a social movement opposing robot sex dolls. Stay tuned, this could get interesting.
Sorry, I missed your responses! The old Audiogon would notify us of responses to posts...wouldn't it? I've been away so long, I forgot.

Jazzcourier, you're right, this sounds like an ad...I noticed that when I read it over. I can't even remember posting this so maybe that was my thought. If it was...sorry! I might have posted this on Ambien! (I'm not joking.)

Dekay...The ELAD comment cracked me up. We're officially old-school now.

Kleech, you must have been to NZ before. I did play some golf and in Queenstown I went from wearing a polo shirt to a sweater (jumper!) to a rain jacket and then having to race into the clubhouse because of hail! The meat pies are everywhere.

Regarding getting rid of my vinyl: I'm moving around so much it's just too difficult. Vinyl is so heavy and bulky. What I've noticed is that prices have come way down and IMO it's due to the 2007-8 crash. Honestly, the Music Matters 45rpm stuff should have sold out immediately but most titles are still available. The Mosaic stuff has come down at least 30%. Before that date I remember seeing a Zeppelin set in a flight case that I had thought of buying new for around $800 sell for $10,000!

The sad thing about selling all my vinyl is that I had always collected it waiting to be settled in to enjoy it but I realized that I don't like to be settled. I need to keep moving.
The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced that this was an attempt to notify people that I had LPs for sale and that I must have posted it while on Ambien. Sorry everybody. If I could delete the post, I would. What's really funny is that the other night I was in bed talking to someone on Skype...until I realized that I was actually watching a Youtube video and trying to talk to the person as if we were on a skype call. Ambien really messes me up! I swore off it years ago after waking up in the morning to see every one of my pants scattered around my room as if it had been ransacked. Then I remembered (barely) waking up in the middle of the night and trying on every one of my pants...for some reason. That stuff is dangerous.
Pharmaceutical hazard aside, one of the more entertaining posts I've read on
Is Ambien legal? If so ... why?
Because it turns us into Thespians, my good Oregonpapa.
Well, I don't want to be turned into a thespian ... I already love women.
Mr. Khan:

Been trying to forget Sam/Sam the DUI BBQ man (& his E.L.A.D.) for over a decade now, but he's still a sticky memory.

Would consider Ambion to correct this, but not keen on the thought of eating raw frozen bacon (from the freezer) at 3 A.M.

I assume that you are staying with David Letterman (per the address in your ads), and if so consider convincing him to do a geriatric version of Velcro Man.

Best Regards,