getting more bass out of meadowlarks

I have meadowlark kestral 2's in a 11.6x15x8 room with the speakers firing down the long wall, pergo floors, windows on one side covered by curtains, small area rug and for now pillows in the corners behind the speakers. At the end where the speakers are firing at there are french doors that open up. My question is....the bass is about 40 to 50% fuller when standing oppossed to sitting, what gives? By the way the speakers are 25 inches from the sidewalls and 19 from the rear wall, the kestral 2's are front ported, someone help?! Thanx!
keep moving the speakers. Try them further out from the wall. 1/4" move in my speakers makes them sound different. It might take 1/4" or it might take two feet.
Further out into the room is good advice...

Also, do you have them on glider feet or spikes/cones? Though I have padded carpet over concrete slab instead of your Pergo/wood, one of the biggest improvements I experienced with my floor-standing Talon speakers was when I got them onto a set of hi-quality Khorus Kones. The bass was far more focused, deep and controlled. If you could do something along those lines, you will probably find similar improvements.

Give the guys at a shout - they probably have a model of brass spikes pre-tapped for your speakers' particular design, and a set of brass pucks to protect your floors. This is an inexpensive tweak, and could pay big dividends.
To increase the bass, one would normally move the speakers closer to the room boundaries - in this case, closer to the corners. You might want to remove the pillows from the corners, as they may well be absorbing a fair amount of bass energy. Now if I understand your description correctly, you may not have solid walls at the speaker end of the room, and the speakers were probably voiced with some boundary reinforcement in mind.

You can increase the relative bass balance by increasing the area covered by absorptive material in the room.

Finally, moving your listening position can make as much of a difference as moving the speakers. Try listening up against the opposite wall and see if the bass idoesn't have more impact there.

You haven't mentioned associated equipment, but the lack of bass could come from just about anywhere in the chain.

Normally the bass is relatively more prominent down near the floor than up at standing ear level, but evidently in your room at your listening position the opposite is true.
Try also increasing driven power.
I was having this exact same problem (bass was more standing against back wall, etc). I also have Pergo floors. I took the spike2 off of the speakers, and placed them on top of about 2.5 inches of cork and on 4 rubber furniture pads (the things that keep your furniture from scratching the floor). The bass improved dramatically. Thank god!!

I blame the Pergo.
Pergo floors have a relatively thick foam pad under them which makes the floor feel a bit "springy" when you walk on it, and is a very unstable floor for audio use. It allows all kinds of unwanted motion to happen, regarding the speakers. Wouldn't be my first choice for a listening room floor.
Turn them upsidedown! The bass port will be right at ear level. :)