Getting it on with Prog

Looks like there has not been a STEADY progressive rock thread here since 2006.

If you refrain from trolling me, I'm up for posting mini (one or two sentence) "reviews" of lps likely some of you are not aware of.

You're welcome to add your own reviews, with one stipulation:
I realize this is an audio forum ,so please refrain from the obvious which has been done to death  (like Genesis,Yes,Focus...)

And I don't want to hear no bloody  Porcupine Tree , Mars Volta,Dream Theater ,Tool, or bleeding Steven Wilson.
Ha, yeah haven't figured it out myself. I listened to it on utube and was quite impressed. I'm a Genesis fan and it had a definite Genesis influence in my mind.
Speaking of proto-prog .. hammond heavy 1971 Patrick Moraz's 'Mainhorse S/T' ...  scratch's that 1970 Hammond itch
Gotta get a copy of "Mainhorse" because of Moraz. His talent has always been underestimated and misunderstood and often mixed too low, especially with major English acts like Yes where he was the most innovative musician at the period. Luckily he didn´t waste more time with them.
As for Genesis fame, the best ever concert for me personally, as I never saw the band live back in the day, was GENESIS LIVE REVISITED Spring 2014 in a small venue in Helsinki. Maestro Hackett with his stunning band played 3 hours, all the essential stuff from "Fountain" to "Los Endos" brilliantly true to the original sound and style of early days, there was absolutely no compromises to any modern approach whatsoever. And the audience truly LISTENED to the music, no annoying drunken heads seriously telling you hey listen to this and that, no girfriends to please, no wives, no dricks, all those are well ...
And we found ourselves shouting for "The Knife" ! They also played "The Musical Box" : )
Just that music played brilliantly, and Nad Sylvan singing and and his performance and that attitude to this very difficult and demanding material after Gabriel was the real treat, he really was/is the best substitute to Gabriel and his voice/style fitted the original sound better than I could imagine. Well, some people have the talent, but it was all just unbelieveable and I know it will remain the best I ever experienced and other acts to possibly follow that performance will be anti-climax.
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Some other Moraz that connects with me is 'The story of I',, 'Out in the Sun' and Refugee S/T (with Davidson and Lee from the Nice)...Mainhorse maybe my favorite of that sampling.

Steve Hackett's recent tours are such a treat, had tickets this past febuary for Genesis Revisited and Spectral Mornings played in it's whole but alas the show didn't go on due to virus stuff . Was the 2014 show half Genesis and half his solo stuff with Roine Stolt (from Flower Kings) on bass and rhythm guitar? Roine's presence brought the musicianship in those shows up a notch- I've seen Steve 10-15 times and Genesis back in the day with Gabriel. One of the geezer perks-, got to see alot of great bands.
The Genesis tribute bands like The Watch (from Italy) and The Musical Box (from Canada) are fun if they come your way.