Getting it on with Prog

Looks like there has not been a STEADY progressive rock thread here since 2006.

If you refrain from trolling me, I'm up for posting mini (one or two sentence) "reviews" of lps likely some of you are not aware of.

You're welcome to add your own reviews, with one stipulation:
I realize this is an audio forum ,so please refrain from the obvious which has been done to death  (like Genesis,Yes,Focus...)

And I don't want to hear no bloody  Porcupine Tree , Mars Volta,Dream Theater ,Tool, or bleeding Steven Wilson.
I collect Brittany folk. (I have maybe 15 different Stivell lps.) Also French bands like Malicorne which sound like they could come from the north.

Epidaurus is DUAL-keys, mainly instrumental (with some mere 5 minutes of female-voice vocalizing.)One side is sequencer-driven, making it sound Berlin electronics school-ish.

The second lp (CD) released some 20 years later - first lp was 1977 - is a let-down.

By the way, I always mix-up Epidaurus with another  German prog band, Epidermis "Genius of Origional Force", which is much better prog and one of the very few bands influenced by Gentle Giant.)

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BTW - ' SOFT SHOE -FOR THOSE ALONE why has this not yet been reissued? '

I see this on SynPhonic's website for sale, the owner Greg Walker is a good dude and been at this obscure prog thing for some time.
Don't call anyone "dude".
Its disrespectful and low talk.
FROB-SAME '71  all-instrumental heavy guitar/organ tour-de-force with exploito feel to it,sort like Blue Phantom. Also  reminds of Deep Purple, Frumpy and Ache

EXIL. This reminds me of the Swiss(?) group EXIT-SAME. A super lp with real "German" sound on the English vocals. Although the vocalist is not near as bad as on Tyburn Tall, some might find him too quirky/emotive/amateurish. (But I LOVE that style of vocalist.) The lp starts off with about 20 seconds of guitar taken just about straight from Who's Pinball Wizard"! Great synth sound on this lp too. ...

TRITONUS   two lps in the ELP-school (also from Germany like: Triloy, Triumvirat, Rejoice, Sixty-Nine, Tetragon/Trikolon, Amos Key)
Not too origional  but good nonetheless.


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