Getting into vinyl for the first time, need help

I currently run MOG via airplay to an Apple TV. I own a Peachtree NovaPre and Peachtree220 amp. My buddy brought over his Rega P3-24 and I connected it to the (tapeout) of an old thriftstore stereo with built in phono into the aux-in on my preamp. We fired up Neil Young's Heart of Gold and within 3 seconds I wanted to throw away my entire digital system.

I am in the market for a new table and phono pre and its decision making time. I could spend around $800 for a table and that would soak up my entire budget, leaving me no room for a phono pre. The other option is to sell my Peachtree Pre for another $800-900 and buy a phono preamp with volume control and run that into my power amp but I cant seem to find much out there. I was looking at the PS Audio GCPH but its almost a decade old, is it still a good contender?

Any other suggestions?
Keep what you have if you like it. Who's to say that you won't have the occasion to listen to digital music in the future.
The nice thing about separate components is that they allow you to take the upgrade path inexpensively until you are satisfied.
That being said, get a $500 table, a $150 phono pre and a $150 cartridge. When you decide to upgrade you can do it one component at a time. Plenty of inexpensive equipment in the price range you have chosen, $800 should be plenty.
Good luck and enjoy
do u have a considerable LP collection? If no, then go for a budget only table that is easy to setup and start looking for vinyl..Its a great possibilty that u could tire with the ritual of maintaining it over a long period..with a small investment u could always upgrade. And if you plan to keep yur basic table? Just enjoy a find or two at a local thrift,,,best of luck.
Welcome to the world of vinyl. $800 you say? No problem. Look at the new Pro-ject Carbon that comes equipped with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge at $400. Add the optional Speed Box II that really will tighten up the bass and make for easy changing of speeds for another $160. Last, get a Pro-ject Phono Box S preamp at $200. I can't say enough good things about this little preamp - it blows away the phono stage in my Parasound 2 channel preamp. It also allows for full cartridge loading.

Total cost $760 with $40 left over to start going to the used record shows to start your vinyl collection.
I have read positive things about the PS Audio GCPH and believe it is still a viable piece in a good system plus it has the vol. control. But I think your peachtree offers lots of flex and I wouldnt abandon the heart of your system...yet. If it were my choice, I would opt for a used table, new cartridge and used phono, similar to what Heyraz suggests. I would look for used Sota Comet, P3, MF5.1. I would then put a new cart-like Ortofon 2M red (blue if you can swing it). it comes with a scale and instructions so you can install it yourself. 100-200, respectively. A used NAD pp2 or creek mm $100.

Or get a new project Carbon, comes with Ortofon 2M red mounted for $399 or $499. Read michael fremer's review. He paired it with a Bellari tubed phono preamp and liked the results. Any cash left over spend on new vinyl and accesories like a record brush.
Yes the more I think about it, I would opt for a new Carbon, et al as described above.
Paraneer and Tbomgard hit the nail on the head. Pro-ject is a great entry level product, although they also have pricier offerings too. I've been very pleased both with sound and reliability. Cheers.
The PS Audio is a fantastic pre. I've owned it for quite some time and have had no desire to upgrade it. I am currently using it with a Grado Sonata 1 reference (high output), so I'm not sure how the PS Audio does with low output carts, but it does have several loading settings should you end up going that route in the future. It does seem to have very low noise output so I'm sure it'd do fine with most low output carts.
I agree that the Project turntables are very good and in the lower price range there really is only Project and Rega.

As someone has already said, it would be better to spend less to begin with until you are sure vinyl is for you. It is a labour intensive format that requires constant maintenance. As suggested you could go for a Project Debut but I think you should be spending less to begin with, and spend your extra money on records instead. The Project Essential is said to be good, but being a unipivot, can be a bit fiddly if you are not used to them, and cartridges can be fussy on unipivot tonearms.
I would go for an entry level Rega, the RP1 I think would give you satisfaction without spending too much and it has a reasonable cartridge (though I would change this for an Audio Technica AT95E). The arm can take better cartridges so you can upgrade a little with this deck.
If you wanted to go the second hand route, you could not go wrong with a Thorens TD150 or 160 or a Rega Planar 2 or 3, or NAD533 (Rega Planar clone).
The Thorens decks come in many guises i.e. some with and some without fitted tonearms, so you would need to decide if this is too much complication to begin with.

I hope this helps you.

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I have a rega p1 with glass platter upgrade and use a herbies way excellent turntable mat. Cartridge is a Denon DL-160 although it is discontinued. may find one used. well within your budget. very good sound for the money.