Getting into tubes - need guidance

Guys, need your help here. I am getting back (been married too long) into music and am really confused between tubes and hybrids. I like warm sound as bright sound is just too tiring. Also, I do listen to rock in adition to some jazz and blues.

I have shortlised the Rogue Cronus but have also tried the Pathos Classic One and TT. Cronus vs Classic One through Audio Physic Yara speakers, i felt the cronus was much crisper without being bright while in comparision the Pathos sounded more "muffled". I also looked at the TT which i have not been able to compare vs cronus so cant judge on sound quality. There is a large price difference between those two and i dont know if that would be justified on sound quality alone.

so 1st question - Is it worth even considering the Pathos TT (looks great) given the additional cost or is the sound quality so much better than cronus?

2nd question - I plan to hang on to the equipment for a number of years so is it better to go all tube or do hybrids offer any advantage

3dr question - i tried Avalon np2 speakers and I found the avalon's far superior to the Audio Physic Yara's. however, i need to place my speakers close to edge of the room. will the avalons allow such flexibility? Also i have not tried the avalons with the cronus (only with Pathos) - will they match?

Thanks for your help.
Really look into the Cayin/VAS line. Great sound, value and support. Go with pure tube units, foget the hybirds for now. If you become satisfied with pure tubes, you don't need to look further.
Hey thanks. I intend to ty these out.