getting into streaming

So after many years of playing cd's, I'm considering getting into streaming music. I would prefer to use the DAC in my accuphase CD player; my question is I assume any streamer would require something additional to control it (smart phone, tablet etc) but I'm wondering if there is something out there that has its own controller to use to surf for songs, so I don't have to buy anything else to use it


Virtually all use an iPad or phone. You will be navigating literally millions of albums and thousands of stations. You really want an iPad as a navigation device. 

There is a ton of things left out such as from the start buy a good modem router combo like the motorola 8702, then buy a decent Linear power supply to clean up the noise ,little green computer 12 v 8 amp.

then you needto buy 2 quality Ethernet cables ,and from Sonore a deluxe 

Ethernet to fiber optic converter for noise can’t travel overnight , then at your Ethernet end point the Sonore converter from fiber optic back to ethernet 

Jcat makes excellent usb and Ethernet cables , to do it right and at your Sonore end point the Linear Tube Audio  has by far the best LPS power supply and for $750 with very good DC cable is a bargain. Put in a synergistic Purple fuse 

parts connecxion has 20% off sales  thisis if you want to truly eliminate the noise 

for digital noise travels house to house ,Yes even if in packets that’s why I recommended a Quality combo that has docsis 3.1 which is 4x faster and far better processing power the the LPS to clean up noise to start the digital signal down stream then a hub converter . Jus5 go to little green computer , for example 


You are me a couple of years ago. There are a lot of good info from the answers above but there are a couple of things that you need to understand:

1- The concept of a controller is different from what we were used to. Everything today is done in software. The only hardware you need is an iPad. You phone by the way won’t cut it (too small). 
2- The iPad will control 90% of your hardware, including servers, DAC, pre-amp, AVR etc. You just need to download the proper apps from the App Store. 
3- The apps don’t have to be matched to the hardware necessarily. For instance I control my server and my DAC with the LUMIN app but neither one of them is from LUMIN. You can do the same with Roon. 
4- Lastly, all of your hardware have to be connected to the same network, most likely your wi-fi home network. If your equipment is not connected, all bets are off. 

Just use a laptop, they work well for those new to streaming. I guess that only applies if you can use USB though. I started with a tablet and audioquest dragonfly.  They sounded great and represent a minimal investment 

Have a home wifi network, with a computer on it? A device like a Denon HEOS2 receives streams via wifi and outputs them via TosLink or USB, which you can feed into your Accuphase. Use an Android app like BubbleUPnP to control things.