Getting into Streamer/DAC

I currently have Ayre cdx5mp cd/sacd player and would like to get into network streamer/DAC player.    I have a number if SACDs and many CD.   I eye the Brooklyn Bridge and TEAC NT-505.   Here are what I am looking for:
- sound of the DAC must be a big step up from my Ayre.
- easy setup.
- ROON ready.
- play SACD from my Ayre routing to the DAC in the streamer/DAC player.

My preamp is single ended so no need to have balanced output.  I plan not subscribing to Tidal or Qobuz initially but might be later.

Any comments will be welcome.  Thanks!
Hp fish you can't play SACD from a digital output of a CD player, that capability has been locked out due to a spec in Sony's technical protocalls for the SACD, Sony was concerned with copy protecion at the time.

If you are looking for a streaming/dac you want one that will sound better than the Ayre CD player and the Mytek that you currently have is that right?

What is your budget and what is the rest of your system?
I don’t  have any DAC or Mytek yet.  I want to spend around $2k and is looking into Mytek it the Teac 505 with ROON ready.  My current set up is listed in the My System thread.  Thanks