Getting into Stevie Ray Vaughn

Recommendations please (on CD). I don’t have a TT yet.



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Thank you all.  I didn't know he only recorded 6 albums.  Good to know.

Cool, just ordered his "epic collection", which includes most of the above.  very looking forward to hearing it. 

Thanks again!

Tooblue:  I wasn't aware of the Bowie connection.  Good info to know for future purchases.
Rushfan:  That is quite the collection.  I'm getting a few CDs delivered on Wednesday.   After I listen to them, I'll take a more serious look at that boxed set you mentioned.  At almost $50/cd, its a good chunk of change, even for SACD. 
So I got the Epic boxed set delivered yesterday along with The Sky is crying. The first one to go on was "Live in the beginning". I was really impressed at how well recorded it was. It sounds fantastic. And he came out swinging from the first track. Looking very forward to hearing the rest of the music. A lot of the CDs i got turned out to be 2-CD sets, so a great value!   And I will definitely check out all the other artists mentioned above. Thanks everyone.