Getting HD cable signal to Infocus X-1 projector

Trying to get a proper HD cable signal to my Infocus X-1 projector. Problem is the box has component and DVI-D connections. The projector only has VGA, S-Video. Right now, I'm just running S-Video out of the projector, which is not terrible on HD channels. Just thought I may be missing an even better picture available.
You ARE missing a major improvement in PQ for HD channels. You will need some kind of transcoder or video processor to go from component to VGA. Check Key Digital among others.
Maybe you can still get the component-? adaptor cable from Infocus?...thats where I got mine a few years back. If an Ebay search for it.

I have a Comcast hi-def box...1080i looks very nice on the X-1.

I think has some adapters or cables of some sort to make things like this work.
Thanks for your help.
I did get in touch with Infocus customer service and they suggested the VESA to component adaptor, which I have now ordered.
Hope it helps.
Yes, VESA to component adaptor...thats what I got from them (I could not remember, exactly what the adaptor cable was called). I set my Comcast hi-def box to 1080i and the picture looks very good.

I've connected the VESA to component adaptor and there is a slight improvement over the S-Video connection, although not real drastic.
Here's another question; I'm up to about 3,300 hours on the original bulb. Should I get another one for $300, or just get a new projector. I mean, this projector one was only about $900, after rebates, brand new.
Did you set your cable box for 1080i or 720p? Also, hi-def TV quality is better on some channels, than others.

Not all hi-Def is bad really.

I'm in the same boat as you regarding the X-1 lamp...I've had mine for around 6 years?, same lamp. (guess I should check the hours).

I'd like to pick up the Sanyo PLV-Z5. I set one up for someone a few months back...very good for the money!

The projector has a lamp usage tracker. You'll see it in the menu. I'm just wondering if the color wheel or something else will crap out right after I get a new bulb.
Do you think there are bulb upgrades that would improve the picture?
A new bulb will improve the picture, probably... as good as it was out of the box.

"color wheel or something else will crap out right after I get a new bulb"

That would be a bummer! You could probably sell the bulb at Ebay though?....get some of your money back.

That said, My Infocus X-1 has been good to me (not a single problem) and, hi-def does look "at least, very good" on my X-1...however, it does "not" compare to a true hi-def projector.

The newer generation of projectors are a big step up, and prices are falling fast there. IMO, it's the software (hi-def dvd) and program providers (comcast) that are not yet up to snuff.

I hope to get by "as is" for another year...knock on wood, and then make the switch.