Getting FM broadcast on phono mode

I am getting an FM or AM signal on the left channel of my speaker. Speakers are across the room from the amp. This occured several months ago, but was corrected by plugging turntable AC into a power line conditioner....I recently added a Rega TTPSU power supply, but today I noticed a faint FM signal. I turned the volume up to 3'olock on the Creek integrated on the phono mode unweighted and music could be heard very low. This problem is only on the phono mode not CD and only on the left channel. I shifted the position of the Rega PS, and plugged the table into another input on the Power Line conditioner. It did not mute the FM music. I am wondering if the quartz device in the TTPSU is picking up an FM signal from somewhere in the building and is not being filtered out by the conditioner. Help!! need advice
It may be your cable routing, particularly the phono cables. Try moving them around while a record is playing.

Phono cables function as an antenna, obviously enough, and even though they are shielded, in some RF-heavy areas (like mine in Montreal) this isn't enough to keep them from picking up a signal strong enough to be heard when it goes through your preamp's high-gain phono section.

With luck, reorienting the cables, you'll be able to place them in a null point for RF reception. The opposite of what you'd do with an FM antenna or a pair of rabbit ears.

If that's not enough, you may have to look into moving your system within the room, adding shielding to the small-signal high-gain components or even changing some of your gear.
In addition to Tobias' suggestions, there are a number of specific suggestions in the following threads which may be helpful:

BTW, it's most likely an AM signal, not FM. Aside from an FM tuner, there is probably nothing in an audio system that could demodulate FM into intelligible audio.

-- Al
Do you have satellite TV? I have Directv and had this issue a few years back. I added a filter to the phone line and that ended it. I can't remember where I got the filter it was online. Google Phone line filters the guy I spoke with knew exactly what my prob was, so I assume it can be quite common.
Thank you to all who responded (so far). I will try each suggestion.
Don't know for sure, but the filter suggestion sounds like something RatShack could help with?