Getting back into Hi-Fi need new int-amp

Looking at many models under $1k. I have a small room and small bookshelf speakers. Listen to mostly rock from classic to indie to metal. NAD, Marantz, Creek, and Music Hall all look great. I want a sub output over on board phono input. Once I upgrade my turntable would rather have great phono stage and the option to upgrade. My CD player is a PS1 after hearing about the sound quality. Speaker's are PSBs. Any suggestions other then the ones mentioned would be great. Looking to upgrade to Harbeth PSESR's eventually.
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The new NAD 375 int gas a rich tonal balance and plenty of zutz, has tone controls that can assist compressed Rock recordings and will work great with your PSBs and many other well designed speakers.
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All you need is a used Grant Fidelity 3400B, 300B SET integrated. Best bang for buck beneath $1k there is if your speaker demands aren't high. Even though it's only rated 10 watts it's Class A and drove a pair of Martin Logan Vista's with ease. I recently installed Shuguang Treasure black 300B's which put this integrated over the top. I own far more expensive gear, however the performance of the GF 3400B gives up nothing to components costing far more. I'd say the same thing about the Prima Luna 2 which is commonly found under $1k used. These produced in China products are the real deal Billybob, and I'd not have thought that was the case until I finally decided to acquire them both for a test run. Check them both out and you'd be mighty plz'd.

For about a grand used you can lay your hands on a Naim Nait 5i. It will treat your ears right.

Full disclosure: I have one, so you might discount this input as "buy what I have," but I view it as the voice of happy experience.