Getting back into analog

It has been about 10- 12 years since I had a turntable in my system but I am going to change that now. My question is should I buy a preamp with a builtin phono or buy a outboard phono preamp? My current preamp is a CJ CT6, I think it is quite good but I am open to any suggestions.

Price range for a preamp ($4,000 - $8,000) new or used. If I keep my preamp $1,000 - $2,500 for a outboard pre.

I have not purchased a turntable yet but will soon.

Thanks, any suggestions would be appreciated.
What TT setup would you plan to build before you decide on preamp?
I prefer a full function preamp since it would save an extra wire run and rack space.
Your Pre is a very good one. I have the CJ 15 PHONO STAGE. If you have the possibility to afford it (~3K$ used unit) you will have an excellent match combo units. Remember, as Marakanetz wrote to you, you will meed an extra wire (~500$) and rack space, but additional careful you could take in consideration if you are planning to use a very low signal output MC cartridge.
My opinion is that you are far better off have a built-in phono section. Particularly in your price range.
Well I just sold my VAC Ren Mk2 which is a full function pre that would have been right in your price rang and has an outstanding phono stage that can accommodate MM and MC carts. Highly recommended. At the top of that range you might, if you are lucky and quick on the trigger, snag a Doshi Alaap which also is configured for MM and MC. The VAC has remote, tape loops, HT bypass and is better looking. The Doshi sounds better but the VAC is really very very good. For an outboard, maybe a Joule OPS or a Hagerman Trumpet?
For an outboard phonostage the K&K SE (maxed out version). For full function VAC would be nice, JRDG Capri if solid state is an option.
I will not go so far as to suggest any product but having the choice of an external phono stage gives you some flexibility. IF you decide to stick to only MM carts you can get alot of external preamps as bargains where if you want to be able to use a MC as well, you will pay more for the gain/load options, but you have more options for upgrade or playing around if you have a good line level stage already and want to get back into vinyl. Believe me, you will buy one and be happy with it but will see a deal on the next best thing and upgrading a phono stage versus a whole preamp or integrated is cheaper in the long run. Especially if you are happy with what you got for line level right now. Will leave you more money for cartridges. Those will get you itchy to upgrade or try something different at some point too.
So far there has been some great suggestions. I realize that a external phono stage would provide more flexibility and easier to upgrade if I wanted to but the builtin one box solution has alot of appeal to me. Keep them coming.
I like my one box Aesthetix Janus. It has many gain and load adjustments which are also available from the remote(!). I can't imagine needing more flexibility than this tube preamp provides. It can be had for <4K used, new is 6.5K with the latest signature version at around 10K. Some dealers will deal. Good Luck.
FWIW, if the Janus is the one box combo w the Rhea phono stage, the VAC was far and away superior in a head to head with a Rhea and also w a Rhea Sig w NOS tubes. One other option which is a very good stand-alone is the ZYX Artisan which head to head beat the Rhea, Rhea Sig, and was very close to the Manley Steelhead. Minimalist design, available at a bargain price from Sorasound as he closes out the ZYX line.
Unless rack space is an important consideration you'd probably be better sticking with your line stage and adding a phono pre, especially if you really like your current line stage. The Premier 15 was suggested earlier, and I like it a lot myself, but I found it was too noisy for use with low output mc's (4mv or lower) when I had it mated with my Premier 16ls. This can be true with other tubed phono pre's as well. After running through some of the better ss phono pre's out there, including the Pass Xono, Tom Evans Groove, Plinius M16 and Walker, I finally settled on the EAR 324, and have been satisfied since. Completely flexible and externally adjustable for any mc or mm (or both), it is quiet and dynamic. It might be a good bet for you no matter which cartridge you choose. Of the others I've listed (all great sounding IMHO) the Walker and Evans are really not flexible, but the Xono can be adjusted via dip switches on the inside.
Travis, Swampwalker & Dlshifi thank you for your recommendations. I should comment that I will be looking for tube options only.
Well then the VAC will fill the bill.
Who has heard Shindo preamps with their builtin phono & what was your opinion?
If i were you I would try to buy a used convergent audio technology SL1 Ultimate mk 2 full function preamp. It is an excellent pre with a great phono as long as you stay up at 0.5mv or above.