Getting analog audio out of a HD Tuner?

We are currently running an HD antenna to get several channels in HD, hooked up directly to our HDTV. One of my favorites is the stream of OPB music in HD, and I would like to get this stream out of my TV and into my stereo. It seems the only audio out of the TV is a digital audio out. How do I use this and get it converted to a analog signal? I would like to do it as cheaply as possible (no $1200 DAC units are on the radar). The system will consist of the LCD TV, a Sony DVP-ns999es DVD/SACD player, and a 2-channel integrated amp (speakers of course too). Can the Sony convert the signal, or do I need something additional? There isn't a Coaxial provision to run the HD signal through the DVD player, otherwise I would go that route and let the DVD's DAC convert the signal to analog.

Other option is probably a Squeezebox.

Well with only an int amp that doesn't have digital processing, that optical output from the TV now needs digital processing of sorts... or a DAC. That's why I almost always go with a receiver over int's if TV or DVDs are also in the mix.

There's plenty of inexpensive dacs to look at though. Googling for TOS to analog converters might help. It will needs be a stand alone unit however having it's own power supply or wall wart at least.

Another cheap idea is to get one of those HD boxes people had to get to get aireal TV when everything finally stepped into the digital realm. They shouldn't be very pricey, and I'd suspect under $100.

Integrated amps are great items as long as they remain in the analog only arena. When any digital is to be added, recievers pay for themselves with their added flexibility in that area.

Good luck.
You need digital to analog conversion of some type. To this end you can use a DAC (assuming it can handle the input signal type), a home theater receiver, or a digital surround processor.

For all three you would hook up the TV digital audio out (RCA coax, I would assume) to one of the digital audio inputs. You would then hook up the appropriate rca audio outputs to one of the stereo inputs on your integrated. Set the settings on the device to the appropriate digital input signal type, if necessary, and select two channel stereo as the output.

I use a DSP (Technics SH-AC500D) in my system solely to enable me to use the superior digital output from my cable box rather than the analog outputs.
Thanks. I have a 10-year old Sony ES receiver sitting around. I will dig it out and see if it has a cheap DAC unit (don't know-it may pre-date DVD's). If not, looks like I will have to hunt down a receiver of some sorts. Darn-I was hoping to use a decent 2-channel amp and have it as a backup in case of problems in my main system.

Again, some of those digital TV tuner boxes only cost $50 - 60 a few months back, and why I said an HD TV set top reciever for connection to an antenna shouldn't be more than $100 or so.

There are two listed here from $65:;dir2

I got that with just a couple clicks... there's more out there I'm sure.

My sony ES 444 AV was bought new Dec 2000. it'll handle samples up to 24/96 which is SD DVD.

If you choose to go that route and unearth your older unit, it likely will do DVDs for you as well as the Set top Digital TV Tuner with it's own DACs.... then you can just run out of the tape out or monitor outs into your int.

Buying a secondary, dedicated HD TV receiver deal looks simpler, smaller, and less involved though. USING ANOTHER RECIEVER HOWEVER WILL FORCE YOU TO EITHER USE A QUALITY SPLITTER or SWITCHING BOX. I'd say get a good one in two out splitter, and another lenth of coax wire to feed it from the splitter.... if after installing this very good, $10 - $30 splitter, you find your image or sound noticeably degraded, consider an inline amp designed for NTSC TV reception.

I am really suprised after all of this, that the TV doesn't possess a pair of RCA output jacks on it somewhere though.

Good luck.

Thanks for your input. I triple-checked the TV and can't find a set of RCA outputs on it. I will read through the TV manual again and see if anything else is there. It doesn't look like there are outputs of any kind on the TV, save for the digital audio out.

Sounds like I will have to go the route of the digital tuner TV box. I would just run this from the digital out (Toslink cable) into the tuner, which would convert the signal to analog (RCA outputs), which then is passed along to the stereo? Either that or a cheaper DAC unit would do the trick, it sounds like.

Nope. your antenna MUST feed that new box independantly.

This requires as I said, a one in two out splitter attached to the antenna cable now feeding your TV. From that splitter, run one leg into your tV. The other leg of coax cable into the new TV receiver/tuner box. From that box, use the RCA audio outputs into your int. Violin!

naturally, you'll have to tune in all those channels dueing the set up. True too you can then choose which of the two (TV or new tuner) from which to get sound. Who knows... one may be better than the other...

Do insure this new box has analog audio outputs... most do... BUT MAKE SURE!

Of course, you can run a longer coax antenna wire to this new box so it can be placed closer to the int amp. and thus use shorter ICs.

Good luck.