Getting an outlet to grip better..

Greetings from Oregon,

i have an "audiophile" outlet that I installed recently.  It sounds good, but the "grip" of the outlet is very weak.  Any power cord used with it just sort of hangs there precariously.  Not good for sound or for my gear if the cord slips out of the outlet.  Any suggestions for improving the grip?  

Thanks, Scott
Replace it with an Audioquest Edison outlet and you will need a wrench to get the cord out.
How does the Edison sound?
Hospital grade Hubbells are known for their tight grip on power cord prongs.
I'm not aware of a meothed to increase the grip of your outlet. If it were me I would relpace it with a different outlet. Out of curosity what outlet is it?

An "audiophile" outlet should provide better contact. This is generally achieved by increased contact area and pressure. If the outlet has a very weak "grip", then it may be defective or just a poor design. Either way it should be replaced.

Dump this piece of junk get a Furutech GTX D asap.Enjoy
if anyone curious to know what ebm means -- It's E-flat Minor scale
You can't really fix lack of grip.  It's a sign of poor design/craftsmanship.  Agreed that you should look into something from Furutech depending on your budget.
Pass and Seymour MRI grade outlets grip like a vice - even after many extractions

You can get cryo'd versions from Take Five audio

They are the only outlets I will use - much more affordable than the audiophile boutique brands 

I'm curious about what outlet you purchased that ddidnt have a good grip?

I'm sure it's just a one-off manufacturing defect, as the outlet (Maestro) is well respected and well reviewed.  The bottom plug actually grips reasonably well, but the top is very loose.   

The Furutech looks very nice.  May give that a try after I check out some reviews/discussion of it.  Will check into the Edison as well.  

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
Porter outlets from member albertporter for about $50 might be enough. At least I would try them before spending $200 or so on Furutech and others.
I just purchased Shunyata Research's SR-Z1 AC Outlet and installed it yesterday. Well made, very tight grip, reasonably priced (I paid $70). 
Is it the plug that is loose or is the receptacle/box or box/wall that is loose?
It's the plug.  The entire outlet is secure in the wall.  
Well, it's not "loose" as in moving around.  It just doesn't provide much grip when a cord is inserted.

I use Maestro, because of its neutrality....I think its the best (I've tried).  My outlet grips must have a bad one....send it back for a replacement.
Yep, I like the sound, so I'll try to get a new one.  
Try prying the flanges of the plug outward (there should be some give). Do it just enough for a secure grip when plugged in -don't go crazy.
I believe the "Maestro outlet" like any other product could have an occasional defect. A few years ago when I was reading all the hype on Audiogon I purchased a new Maestro outlet and installed it in my dedicated music room. After about six ins and outs of various AC power cords, I was auditioning the outlet came appart, as I recall the back strap let go and the outlet was worthless. I've never had that happen to an outlet before and I've auditioned at least a dozen high end outlets.
One reason to use contact enhancement silver paste on wall outlets is too create a better physical and electrical contact, both in terms of surface area contact and conductivity. Hel-loo!