Getting all new cables and need sugestions

Well currently have no money into cables, and I mean no, got some gold radio shack ic's from a family member, and am using some high gauge zip cord from the garage. Well I did buy some radio shack bannana's but thats it. Anyway, I have desided to get some cables, to better fit my system, in size, looks, and sound. I need all cables for $500 or less

For Speaker's I need 8 feet in length, non-biwire.
For power standard 2m will do (two)
For Ic's I need only .5m (one pair only)

Can you solder? For speaker and IC cables, some Radio Shack connectors and some CAT5 cable from Home Depot will make some pretty good cables for a whole lot less than you are looking to spend, and outperform commercial cables you can buy in your budget range.
Purist Audio - Museaus
Cardas Crosslink I/C's & Speaker Cables
DH Labs BL-1 Series 2 I/C's and T-14 Speaker Cable
I'd look into the homegrown kits.
Best value if you are on a budget for wiring the whole system. You might also check out E-Ticket cable, no website but sold here on audiogon (sold by hifidreams).
Try AudiogoN member Stu Wein, screen name Audioparts Inc
Paul Speltz' Anti-cables and Anti-ics are certainly worth considering. You're looking at $80 for the speaker cables, about $200 for 2 pair of ics that you need (less if you require RCA/single-ended terminations.

8 months ago, I purchased $260 worth of Anti-cables and Anti-ics from Paul Spelt and the performance far exceeded that of my $6500 (retail) worth of speaker cables and ics.

Some (including myself) consider the Anti-cables and Anti-ics an absolute best buy.

Note: I currently do not use the Anti-products as I am now using a more expensive cable which are simply the best I've heard to date. But the Speltz cablings are a close runner-up and I keep them for backup.

If you do a search on Agon for Anti-cables, Anti-ics, and/or Speltz, you will find that my opinion does not stand alone.

The mas grey hybrids from Audioparts are good and inexpensive. Another brand you can't go wrong with is Signalcable.
The MAS cables from Audioparts is the way to go. Call Stu.
It really depends on your equipnment and the sound you are trying to get. For cables for I good price I usally use bluejeans cables. They are all name brand parts just put together by bluejeans.
My vote goes for Signal cable. Email Frank, or better yet, give him a call, and he'll set you up.
Go to
for under $300.00 for everything, you have descent stuff!....Good luck!!
Don't sink any money in cables. Period. At 15 and with a limited budget, there are better uses for your money. Cables aren't one of them.

I've read the threads you've recenly posted and think you would be better off acquiring source material (LPs and CDs) than hardware. You've got a great system. I'd hate to see you cash out on hardware only to listen to the same source material over and over again. Have you decided on a turntable yet? That's a better use of $500 than cables.

Take your girlfriend out to see a band. Buy a guitar. Get out of the house for a while. Trust me, I remember what it's like to be 15 and obsessed with music. I still am (19 years later), although a wife, 2 kids, a job and an MBA program kinda get in the way.
I went from Nordost to Consonance....and never looked back...very affordable, just not the big overhyped name...and I live in Mass and would like to help the economy.
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