Getting a lot of pops & crackles

I’m using  Linn Sondek turntable with an AKG cartridge and, of late, I’ve noticed a lot of pops and crackles on records which previously sounded pretty clean. Could this be due to the cartridge getting old?
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What condition do you think the stylus is in on a 30+ year old cartridge? I doubt it is good!
Would a worn stylus cause pops and crackles?
Also, the pops and crackles decrease appreciably if I play the same record again immediately. Maybe playing it the first time clears some of the dust. Is that possible?
What exactly are you doing, cleaning-wise, with your records, stylus, and platter?
Simply try another cartridge, you can invite someone with different cartridge if you don't have another cart at home ? Pretty easy

You can also play some new record or anything in MINT- condition to check

You'd better use this brush before you play any record.
Zerostat is also nice