Getting 96/24 to work from pioneer DV09

I have a Pioneer DV09 DVD player and an 96/24 capable audiologic converter. However, playing back a classic records DAD does not work. Appearently I do net get a 96/24 digital output signal on the PCM output. Anyone know what the deal is? Erik
I own the elte dv-09 There are a couple of possibilities. Are you using the correct dig.out? (you have 2)and are you "in 24/96 out" in the menu? Check your maual
Thanks for your reply. I've tried both outputs unsuccesfully PCM and DTS/PCM. The issue is I have not got a TV hooked up so I can't really change the menu. If this is needed I attach a TV, but I was hoping the default was 96/24 out if you play DAD. This is what the manual suggests. So, do I need to get a TV connected to set it up right?
Eddorr,I originally bought mine for kind, of the same reason.I never found any dads I thought I would like,so ---still have not used this function,and beyond this,I guess I'm not much help.There is one thing I can add;Even when in menu,- and watching the menu on the tv screen,it took 3/4 times to get it into the function I had selected.So---I would hate to set one up WITHOUT a tv;and no,it didn't make me happy.One click should have done it;but it didn't.Hope you get yours under control.
Unfortunatly, you need to go to the setup menu to switch to 24/96. I think it defaults to 20/48.
Your recording is Digital recorded, Analog mixed, Digital mastered to Redbook standard so the PCM output is 44.1kHz fixed. Unless you have an upsampling box DAC then what you hear is just plain old CD music from a highend DVD player.
Even if you have an "upsampling box" when you are playing CDs you are always listening to 16 bit / 44.1 kHz material. If you are playing DVDs then the available sample rates are either 48 kHz or 96 kHz for this player (with either 16, 20 or 24 bit samples). Assuming non-protected material, the data is available in its "full" form if your player is properly enabled.