Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?

I am just saying this because I found it very interesting.  I just purchased (ordered) a new First Watt SIT-3.  I was hoping to save to upgrade my speakers but love my F7 and read so many great reviews on the SIT-3 that I thought, 'with only 250 being made, maybe I should pull the trigger'.
Well, looks like the right choice.  I trust my dealer, he has always been fair and truthful.  Anyway, he said when he contacted Pass, he was told I got the last one they are producing.  I had already paid for the Amp.  I heard they were making 250 only anyway, but mine is reportedly number 107.  What about the other 143?  Is it numbered in an odd way?  none of that matters.  
I only write this because if it is true and you are seriously looking at getting one, I would jump on it before it is no longer possible.
Bakoon amps would be worthy of considering as an alternative.Both designers are producing really special sounding and highly evolved amplifiers.I own a Bakoon Satri 5521 which is a wonderful sounding thing.
Here is an interesting review which compares a 15 watt Bakoon with the SIT1 and praises both.

Any chance some of you have heard an M2 in your system and compared it to a SIT-3? I bought a clone of the Pass Aleph J and love it but am getting curious about some of these First Watt designs. I have efficient 101db speakers with a dac that puts out 3v and a preamp that has 12 db gain. Anything else I should consider before attempting to get one of these FW amps? Thanks
My Mother has owned the First Watt F-7 and now owns the First Watt SIT-3 amplifier.. It is directly driven by a PS Audio DAC and powers Teresonic high efficiency silver voice coil speakers.

The SIT amplifier is just as Nelson has described - it is a limited edition amplifier with a special sound. Indeed Mother and I agree. There are only a very few of the 250 amplifiers left for sale. I know that Mark Sammut at Reno HiFi (775-971-8655) has a few in stock. I will be evaluating this amplifier's response to different aftermarket fuses starting next week. 

With the holiday season tensions starting to rise, it is a fabulous privilege to get to enjoy the company of my Mother and also listen to her very special audio system.
David Pritchard
I just took the plunge into unconventional territory & purchased a SIT-3. The full chain will be a Nu Audio sound card (PC) into a LTA Micro ZOTL MZ3 tube pre-amp into the SIT-3...which will then power Omega Super 3 High Output monitors (being custom built w/front port).  I hope it all works (synergy).  
I’ve had the opposite set up for a few years (40wpc Naim Uniti Atom & Spendor A1 speakers); which I will now have to sell.
^ I think you’ll love the synergy. The mz3 driving the omega ho is no slouch either 😊