Get your First Watt SIT-3 now?

I am just saying this because I found it very interesting.  I just purchased (ordered) a new First Watt SIT-3.  I was hoping to save to upgrade my speakers but love my F7 and read so many great reviews on the SIT-3 that I thought, 'with only 250 being made, maybe I should pull the trigger'.
Well, looks like the right choice.  I trust my dealer, he has always been fair and truthful.  Anyway, he said when he contacted Pass, he was told I got the last one they are producing.  I had already paid for the Amp.  I heard they were making 250 only anyway, but mine is reportedly number 107.  What about the other 143?  Is it numbered in an odd way?  none of that matters.  
I only write this because if it is true and you are seriously looking at getting one, I would jump on it before it is no longer possible.
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I am considering SIT-1 mono’s, has anyone tried those yet? I plan to use them with REF 6 or Leben RS-100U preamp. My speakers are 96db efficiency. 

Also welcome dealer recommendations, thank you!