Get to & replace tweeter ohm frs-15

I have a pair of ohm Frs-15 speakers, one which has a tweeter not working
Can someone give me some guidance to the disassembly, thank you 
Take your q's over here, more speaker DIY geeks for you to ask:

Threw at the DIY forum to see what the geeks will respond
Check this out:

Maybe they can help,good luck!
You can contact Ohm via their website. They provide service support parts and upgrades for all speakers they’ve ever sold. I’m sure they would help you work through your problem anyway possible.  Note that I believe they are currently mostly shut down for summer vacation in July but I think they will still respond to emails during that period.
Thanks imhififan,

There is a perforated cage over the low & high drivers. Looks like it will have
to be pried off. Hopefully if the process breaks some stuff, Elmers will hold it back together :)