Get rid of the Dunlavys?

I currently own a pair of Dunlavy SM-1s. I am using them with a Denon 3803. I am contemplating selling the SM-1s and getting into some B&W 805s. I listen to all types of music, but I really like female vocals and acoustic music. Just wanted to get some feedback. I know this is completely subjective, but it will be nice to get some other views. Thanks
I auditioned the sm1's versus the 805's (not the signatures) extensively with the same equipment, and purchased the sm1's. If you have a chance you might want to listen to them with the same equipment and in the same room to draw your conclusions before swapping into the B&Ws. It strikes me that the sm1's were particularly good for acoustic music and vocals.
Seems to me that you're contemplating more a lateral move than an upgrade. I would normally advise against that path. I am not familiar with the Denon, so take this for what it's worth, but you might want to consider whether it's the electronics in front of the speakers that are giving you the upgrade itch?
I would keep the Dunlavys and upgrade the electonics instead.

I had a friend who went from Dunlavy's to B&W. Sold the B&W's within a month.
Darn you guys are fast. I was going to tell him to get the B&W's and sell the Dunlavy's. Also, I was going to inform him that I had a lead on a serioius buyer for the Dunlavy' of course. Oh well, at least you saved him from making a big mistake.

Happy listening,
Add another vote for keeping the Dunlavys. You'd definitely regret selling them.
... and upgrade to a used pair of Aletha's or Cantata's. I cannot fathom selling Dunlavy's for better 'female vocals and acoustic music'. JMHO.
For acoustic music reproduction along with female vocals, I would "think outside the box". Nothing does this music as well as planers or e-stats IMO.

Take a couple of cd's of your choice and go have a listen, try something by Jacintha as a test for great female vocal.

I agree with Sogood51 ! I still haven't heard a box speaker that could do these things like a Planar or E-stat.
Keep the Dunlavys. They are very efficient but ruthlessly revealing of source components. The right electronics will completely transform them. I use Pass gear but if youre on a budget, look at a used Forte. Great value for the money.
Gee, do you really think panels are superior to boxes on acoustic music like bass drums, etc.? Seems a little to general a recommendation/condemnation.
Well Unsound for me they are superior for my musical taste.I do love some dynamic speakers as well.I listen to mostly live acoustic instrument and vocal type recordings.Someone who listens to alot rock and some other types of music may find dynamics more their cup of tea.Panels do bass drums very well..especially when coupled with a sealed sub or two.The panels are to my ears much faster to respond to the changes in the music.There's also more layering of the soundstage to my ears with the panels.These are my preferences ..everyone has their own.
Well Unsound, acoustic music and female vocals are what led me to panels. I still own both pair of box speakers I owned before I bought my first pair of hy-brid speakers (Apogee Centaur Minors). While the Minors only have 26" ribbon and 6.5 inch cone for bass driver, they still had a magic with this kind of music that I found captivating, problem deep bass so they were switched in and out of the system. This led to a much larger panel speaker system (Apogee Duetta Signatures) these DO BASS almost as deep as my 220lb. each boxes. So yes, I think panels do drums.

That said, would not matter much in regards to this post anyway because the Dunlavy or the B&W's above don't DO BASS any better than small panels can IMO.

It was the blanket opened endedness of the statements above that promted my reply. The Apogges do indeed do bass. Then again were comparing different price points. "Generally" speaking at equall price points boxes "usually" have greater dynamics and more extended frequency response. Whether or not one prefers other subtleties are another issue all togther. Notice how I didn't make refernce to the "female vocals" issue. I was not trying to put down panels, merely defending boxes from all to general blanket statements.
I understand Unsound, but did you notice how I tried to cover my butt in the first post with: " Take a couple of cd's of your choice and go have a listen"..and "IMO". I did forget the humble part of the opinion.

Thanks for all of the information and suggestions. I think I will try to upgrade the amplification and see if that satisfies me first.