Get my turntable fixed or buy a new one?

Here's the situation.  In 1988 when turntables were dissapearing I bought a Thorens TD-320 for $600 that included a signet cartridge.   It has served me well over the years.  It was In Storage for about four years along with the rest of my system.  I recently unpacked everything, hooked it up and found that the turntable wasn't working.  I am faced with this dilemma, I can probably get the Thorens fixed.  Found some guys in the Philly area that work on them.  On the other hand it's almost 30 years old.  Is it worth getting it fixed or should I get a new one.  If you vote for new, give me some ideas as to what brands and models you would recommend of comparable quality.

My current system includes:

Krell KRC-3 pre, Krell KSA 200S amp, Parasound Z-Phono phono pre, Revel Performance F32 speakers and Ayre CD Player
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Thanks for the response.  I thought about getting a multimeter and doing some testing myself.   I used to be an aviation electronics tech in the Navy.  But it's been so long I might not remember what to do. I still might try that.
Nice system. U have a repair estimate? 
Side note: performance wise, how does the parasound rate? 
No estimate yet.  Won't get one until I send it in.  Before I do that I'm going to replace the power cord in case that's the problem.  Tough to rate the Parasound.  I recently got it on audiogon and listened to it for about 15 minutes when I had the turntable working.

P.S.  Thanks for the system compliment.  I really enjoy it because I love music.