Get Him to the Greek

My inner adolescent needed to see the movie "Get Him to the Greek" last night. Russell Brand and Sean Combs are featured, and the movie has several "hit songs" which you will not want to play around women, children, or anyone with musical taste. Having said that: lots of high-end audio equipment is featured as background props, and I'm wondering if any A'goners can identify this equipment, particularly the speakers in the "Pinnacle Records" CEO's office.
the speakers looked like meridians at a glance ?
Meridian seems to be placing their products in a lot of movies lately. When I took my daughter to see the last Chipmunks debacle(she loved it), there were some Meridian speakers and gear prominently displayed in the film, in multiple scenes.
Dynavector cartridge was in Pulp Fiction movie also fancy reel deck probably Tascam?
Yup, Meridian. A side note....I did not get the movie. Surprised because I usually love that group's stuff, even Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was fun but really not close to the rest they have done.
i agree with richard stacy--the film was a big let down. unlike 40yr, virgin, knocked up, sarah marshall, etc., which are slyly intelligent, this one's perversely lowbrow, with more fistfights and vomit than anyone needs to see. russell brand is very funny, but kinda overexposed here, plus the songs, which should have been spinal tap brilliant, just didn't hack it.